“They’ve got sheds big as bars, they’ve got boilers of gold…”

Just this…

–  via TKMaxx

  • Sliothar

    While the gang in the DUP seats
    Were trying hard to hide,
    Jon Bell was tolling, ‘God
    Is on my side’.

  • murdockp

    the Belfast telegraph showed earlier today how shoddy their journalism has become and that they are a cheerleader for the DUP by allowing Nelson McCausland to pen a piece that should have been written by a journalist.

    quite shocking if you believe in the independence of the press.


  • ted hagan

    Forget real journalism.Opinion pieces by the numerous ‘commentators’ who seem to be multiplying by the day are used to fill the Tele these days. As for news, its crass insensitivity was on full display the other day with a lead story headlining what was described as a ‘horrific’ car crash with quotes from various ‘texting’ rubberneckers who were apparently so distressed at what they had witnessed that they were rushing home to be comforted by relatives. No thought, though, for the relatives of the poor man killed in the car crash, who possibly may have not even been informed at that stage.

  • Granni Trixie

    I started off thInking that way. Then switched to thinking that giving members of the DUP rope to hang themselves – reinforces in the publics mind how out of kilter the DUP is with everyone else.

  • On the fence!

    Well to be fair in that case, you can hardly blame the paper for something due almost entirely to the increasing moral deficiency of the population.

  • Neonlights

    Well if he is one of their regular correspondents what is to stop the article being published? Regardless, by extrapolation, we have the statement (or inference) that according to the department in May 2015 there was no problem with RHI, or at least no problem with RHI deemed worthy of briefing the minister about. What is Nelson McCausland’s thinking here in quietly bringing up this point?