“…demagogues of the future can exploit the deep loneliness of a post-familial society”

If Trump were merely a problem for Conservatives (which he certainly is), we should ask why Hillary Clinton is struggling so badly? Ross Douthat has a thought provoking essay which argues public policy which ignores or negates family as a building block of society will eventually bite the new liberal mega coalition too:

A post-familial society may unleash tribal competition within the coalition of the diverse, as people reach anew for ethnic solidarity and then fight furiously over liberalism’s spoils.
Or else a technocratic and secular liberalism may simply not be satisfying to a fragmented, atomized society; there may be a desire for a left-wing authoritarianism to bind what’s been fragmented back together, in comradeship and common purpose.

In either case, the demagogues of the future will have ample opportunity to exploit the deep loneliness that a post-familial society threatens to create.

This loneliness may manifest in economic anxiety on the surface, in racial and cultural anxiety just underneath. But at bottom it’s more primal still: A fear of a world in which no one is bound by kinship to take care of you, and where you can go down into death leaving little or nothing of yourself behind.