British lawyers enroll in the Republic to preserve their right to work in European Courts…

Interesting piece in the Gurdian today, suggesting there’s a bit of a rush to enroll as solicitors in the Republic:

Ken Murphy, the director general of the Law Society of Ireland, confirmed that 543 solicitors from England and Wales and 21 solicitors from Northern Ireland have been admitted to the roll of solicitors in Ireland so far this year. A further 145 applications are being processed. The figures compare with an average of 50 to 100 admissions a year from England and Wales in previous years.

“Of the EU member states, Ireland is the legal jurisdiction most equivalent to the UK,” said Murphy before the referendum. “We are both English-speaking, both common law jurisdictions and our legal institutions are much the same. This makes Ireland the destination of choice for solicitors in England, in particular, who are concerned about the possibility of the UK voting to leave the EU.”

“The right to argue before EU tribunals such as the court of justice of the European Union is only afforded to lawyers qualified in an EU state. It is our understanding that the majority of the solicitors who are completing this process will continue to practise in London or Brussels and do not intend to set up a physical practice in Ireland.”