Royal Navy ignored their own safety rules in the Irish Sea…

After four crew of a Scottish fishing vessel was drowned when their ship was capsized by a Royal Navy submarine, stringent measure were put in place. Measures which seem to have been subsquently ignored:

BBCNI News reports:

Fifteen miles off Ardglass, the Karen had its nets caught and was dragged backwards for 30 seconds last April. It had four crew on board when it almost capsized and was only saved when its net snapped.

The report continues:

The Royal Navy had shown “reluctance to fully engage” in the investigation and that had delayed the report. It was five months before the Royal Navy confirmed one of its submarines had been involved and 10 months before it provided evidence to the inquiry.

The report found the submarine had concluded that the Karen was a merchant vessel and it could pass under it safely. That was because it did not hear the sonar noise associated with trawling.

It did not know it had snagged the Karen until three hours later and so did not surface immediately to help.

The command team had “assessed that the majority of shipping contacts in the area were merchant vessels”. In fact, most were trawlers, something the inquiry said was “predictable” and should have been identified as a risk.