Brexit and how exaggerate near term and underestimate long term change…

Thoughts from the summer on Brexit, in an interview with William Campbell on his Here’s How podcast in early August, which apart from the odd misspeak, I’d broadly stand over today…

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  • Abucs

    I thought the political structures set up in the GFA to be solely about sharing of power.

    I didn’t think about the political inertia dimension from the point of view of Westminster. But that does make sense.

  • Kevin Breslin

    For all the talk of “taking control” it seems the private sector is reacting quite sorely to Thresea May’s rhetoric. Will she beat Corbyn to the punch and drive her own style command economy to stop the free markets nastily ruining the UK’s so-called Independence with their persistent concerns about UK-EU trade efficiency?

  • Skibo

    Interesting Mike how you say the FM cannot act without the DFM and vice versa. It is true in actually getting something done but as in the Maze museum, one can withdraw its support even after agreeing to do something.