Maybe a change of management at the top of TeamIreland on its way?

Something that crossed with the writing of the last post, but it should be here lodged here for the sake of completion. Chair of both the Irish and European Olympic Committees Pat Hickey has been arrested and is under suspicion for turning a quick buck selling an allocation of tickets to local touts…

Adds: North Dublin TD was one of the first out of the blocks this morning, and had this to say…

“I am now calling on the Minister to implement an external investigation of the OCI and all of its commercial dealings with immediate effect. This farce has gone unchecked for long enough”.

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  • chrisjones2

    Alleged corruption at the Olympics? Never!

  • Donagh

    Hickey has just been arrested in Rio.

  • Karl

    After 27 years in the same post, with Delaney lined up as his successor, it shows that we have learned nothing and arent likely to any time soon.

  • chrisjones2


    Hickey allegedly told by staff and lawyers to “put Minister in his box” as his alleged legal advice is leaked

    Just who do these bozos think is the Government in Ireland. Is it me or do they not seem to be adopting a very Catholic Church attitude to the law?

  • Croiteir

    Can you describe what you mean by a Catholic Church attitude to the law?

  • doopa

    Maybe stuff like this:
    “One cannot then appeal to these rights of man in order to oppose the interventions of the Magisterium.”
    “Revelation also contains moral teachings which per se could be known by natural reason. Access to them, however, is made difficult by man’s sinful condition. It is a doctrine of faith that these moral norms can be infallibly taught by the Magisterium”

    I guess its a sense that the law shouldn’t apply to them.

  • JohnTheOptimist

    What exactly are they being accused of? Is it anything illegal in Ireland or Britain? Until we know, its difficult to comment.

    Certainly, if there is any dishonesty or misappropriation of funds, they should be heavily punished. Likewise if they deprived people of tickets who were entitled to them, again heavy punishment is in order. But, if its just individuals who legally had tickets for their own personal use, then selling them on to a hospitality company or to one of these internet ticket providers isn’t a crime in Ireland or Britain. Its called free enterprise. It might be a crime against socialism, but that’s about it. These types of companies have flourished in Britain and Ireland since Thatcher liberalised the economy to good effect (and Ireland later copied). The British hospitality company linked to OCI seems perfectly respectable. It employs thousands and none of its directors (one also a director of Ipswich Town FC) have been questioned by British police (as far as I know). I myself bought a ticket for £400 over the internet for one of the events in the London Olympics. Not an event I was especially interested in. I just wanted to be able to say I’d been to the Olympics and London was possibly my last chance. I can’t remember if it was the same company involved in this case, but one similar. I was very pleased with their service. I don’t see that I did anything wrong. Of course, it was exorbitant and the face value was a fraction of that, but it was my choice.

    As for Shane Ross, since when has it been illegal to tell a politician or a government minister to get lost? It should be done more often.

  • Tochais Siorai

    Well, how about the refusal to report the numerous paedophiles within the church to the authorities for a start?

    But they went a lot further than that, didn’t they?

  • Tochais Siorai

    800 tickets for personal use? Big family? Lot of friends?

    Telling a government minister to get lost? Not when that same government (on behalf of the people) is bankrolling the OCI.

  • chrisjones2

    That they are above it and answer only to a wordwide central order with its own rules

  • chrisjones2

    Yes …they took the records to Rome and refused to release them to the National Authorities and moved the offenders to places where they could not be extradited

    They did the same with one infamous case in the North too where they colluded with William Whitelaw to stop the arrest of Father Chesney in connection with the mass murder in Claudy. The Church promised to send him to the Missions in South America but within a year or so he was back in Donegal

  • chrisjones2

    But they are entitled and if the Minister gets uppity they have friends ……..

    Has anyone asked who in the Government got free Olympic Tickets and where they came from

  • JohnTheOptimist

    If the 800 tickets came from the OCI that would be a serious matter. But, if they came in ones and twos from individuals who held them legally but preferred to sell them rather than use them, that would be much less serious. In past cases, tickets have been sold to ticket agents from all manner of people who were allocated them: officials, athletes, media.

    Meantime, forgetting about Pat Hickey, an irish businessman, Kevin Mallon, has been held in jail in Brazil for 2 weeks without being charged with anything. This in itself is scandalous. If he was an Irish muslim planning a jihadist attack or an IRA-associate up to some money laundering scheme, and he was held for 2 weeks without charge, there’d now be nightly TD-led mass demonstrations outside the Brazilian embassy in Dublin and demands for the Irish government to do something. They should either charge him or let him go. Imagine the furore here if some republican or loyalist was brought in for questioning about some crime and he still wasn’t charged with anything after 2 week’s detention. I think the PSNI had to release Gerry Adams after 48 hours when they questioned him last year about a rather more serious matter.

    Brazil itself is one of the most corrupt countries on the planet and, under its recent far-left leadership, rapidly heading in the direction of Venezuela.The chances of a businessman like Mallon getting a fair trial aren’t great, although Hickey might because of his connections.

  • JohnTheOptimist

    This is the police force that is now being eulogised by the left-liberal media in Ireland.

    Apparently they’ve shot dead 11,000 people in the past 6 years. Although he has now been held for 15 days without being charged, Kevin Mallon should count himself lucky.

  • Jollyraj