Jewish Labour MP walks out after taking offense at the launch of party’s anti semitic report..

Have we landed in a parallel universe? A bit like a football team that’s lost its form Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour party goes from one self-undoing to another. This morning at the launch of Shami Chakrabarti’s report into anti-semitism, this happened:

Ruth Smeeth is a Jewish Labour MP. The speaker is an annoyed Corbynista (who said afterwards he didn’t know Smeeth was Jewish), accusing her of working with a right-wing journalist, which apparently had nothing to do with the subject of the launch.

Mr Corbyn was on the platform and seems not to have seen/understood what was going on. It’s just this class of befuddlement in office is a large part of what’s frustrated a full 172 of his colleagues. [As foretold last summer? – Ed]

To gild the irony-free zone that is the Corbyn Labour party, the banner on the platform read: “Standing Up, Not Standing By”. It’s gap between what the party professes and what it actually does that’s creating the problems of the leader.

You really could not make this stuff up… 

Update: Hmmm… Here’s Mr Corbyn apologising to the guy who weighed in on Ms Smeeth just over 3 minutes in…

And here’s Ms Smeeth’s blog at the HuffPo written just afterwards.

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