There will be silver clouds, best to go and look for them now…

So listen, before we all get too carried away with Brian’s impersonation of Private Frazer’s Wur Doomed, let me get a Don’t Panic word in before the end of the day… On Evening Extra yesterday

The chief executive of Northern Ireland’s inward investment agency has told the BBC he is “excited” by some of the opportunities presented by Brexit.
Alastair Hamilton said it would release his agency, Invest NI, from the state aid “challenges” of EU membership.
A tightening of rules in 2014 reduced Invest NI’s ability to offer grants.
Mr Hamilton said the “vast majority” of firms that invested in Northern Ireland in recent years had not come for EU market access.
He was speaking from the United States, where he said two companies were close to committing to an investment.

There’s a lot of talking up of catastrophes, on social media in particular. But the truth is we don’t know what’s coming next. The need to look for new opportunities is not an optional extra, it’s a pressing need.