Micheal Martin: Enormous potential on both sides of the Border being spurned…

So it may be telling that in a fairly lacklustre campaign so far the first heated exchange is between Arlene Foster and Micheal Martin of Fianna Fail. Martin’s speech at Arbour Hill yesterday, when he attacked not just Sinn Fein but the DUP…

The Good Friday Agreement which we played a central part in negotiating gave us all an opportunity to build not just an absence of war but also lasting reconciliation and development.  This opportunity is being wasted.  We need a new beginning in the concept of North-South bodies, which have an enormous potential to deliver services and sustained development on both sides of the Border.

And we need direct engagement by both the Irish and British governments to end the stranglehold in Stormont by two parties. This is doing immense damage to public support for the institutions and public engagement in politics.

Too which Arlene just had this to say

If it wasn’t so offensive it would probably be quite funny. Here is a man who is part of a political jurisdiction that 53 days after a general election can’t form a government, yet he spends his time making comments about a different country.

He really should concentrate on forming a government in his own country.