SBP/REDC Poll: Fine Gael/Labour slump as Sinn Fein rise.

The latest Sunday Business Post/RED C poll was released tonight and the results are grim reading for the government parties.

Fine Gael is down 3% to 28% and Labour is down again to single digits of with just 8%.

Sinn Fein has risen 3% to 20%, with Fianna Fail up 1% to 18% from last time.

The article does give some more detail as to the rise in Sinn Fein’s support;

Sinn Féin appears to have been the best in getting its message across in the first week of the campaign, resulting in a 3 per cent rise in support.

The party also appears to have been unaffected by the recent attacks on its criminal justice policy.

Support for Sinn Féin has increased by 7 per cent among more working class voters, while falling back by 3 per cent among those in more professional and clerical occupations.

This makes Sinn Féin the most popular among those from more working-class social backgrounds, securing 29 per cent of the first-preference vote.

Conversely, they fall well down among clerical and other professionals, securing just 11 per cent of the first-preference vote.