“Almost a year ago, there was an effort to push this information into the public domain.”

So, this is intriguing. Brian Rowan has some interesting background detail on the big Irish News front page spread earlier in the week…

On Monday, there was another development when The Irish News correspondent Allison Morris reported that the IRA commander behind the 1993 Shankill bombing was a police informant – ‘Agent AA’ – who had told his handlers of the plan.

It is reported that he was identified when the IRA decoded the stolen Castlereagh documents. Almost a year ago, there was an effort to push this information into the public domain. Graffiti was painted in Ardoyne and other information made available.

But, at this time, no documents were produced to substantiate or corroborate what was being alleged, nor was there a specific reference to Special Branch knowing of the planned Shankill bomb.

Well, it took a while, but today it fell to the Chief Constable to state that “he was “100% convinced” that the RUC had no knowledge of the bombing that could have prevented it”.  Stiff tests (we hope) coming up from the Police Ombudsman and (if they so chose) the Policing Board.

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  • chrisjones2

    So this is a story being pushed by someone or some group

    The key questions in determining if it is true are who is pushing it and why? And then there is why now, just before the election when it might discredit Sinn Fein.

    Then there are all those code breaking IRA men working secretly for years on decoding this. And if they did decode it what did they do about all the other touts they must have identified not just poor Denis? There has been no sign of that in the last 13 years

    And what agent would be so important that Special Branch would hand over the names addresses and numbers of all their officers to protect him. As if! And then the attempt to tie in Stormontgate as well. Then throw in the fish shop bombing and stir well.

    This all looks more like a script from give my Head Peace. Have the Irish News some startling revelation to come or have they just been suckered with a story dreamed up in the bar of the Armalite and Ballot box

  • murdockp

    If the same amount of cost and time is spent investigating the terrorist acts undertaken by terrorist and state during the Syrian war as has done in NI it will take a hundred years and create trillions for the law firms

    I personally believe we need a proper truth and reconciliation engagement with a line then drawn under all this. We have to move on.

    The lawyers made more out of the bloody Sunday tribunal than the families ever received in compensation and you can be pretty sure they will again we the main beneficiaries from these endless inquests.

    It is effectively a troubles legal industry that has been created.

  • Discuscutter

    The real question is whether the handler told “AA” to target the chip shop.

    That would be interesting but would anyone really be surprised?

  • Nevin

    Story of a spat and some additional speculation over on The Pensive Quill.

  • chrisjones2

    My my isn’t it quiet in here. Where are all the normal republican posters?

    And if it is a SF source feeding the Irish News, what is the game plan? At the moment the only one visible is “it wasn’t us big boys made us do it” and that won’t wash.

    George Hamilton was also very dismissive on the fish shop story which suggests that the Irish News has been stiffed on major parts of this. But why?

  • Neil

    Republicans have little to lose from these revelations, so it’s doubtful anyone’s hiding. We already know the IRA and everyone else was riddled with informants, and any plausible deniability for responsibility for the Shankill bomb is more than likely welcome.

    Newton Emmerson has a piece in the Irish News today, and there are articles on TPQ and the Broken Elbow that may be worth looking at.