And great was the gnashing of teeth…

over the implementation of the 20mph speed limit in areas of Belfast city centre where it’s very difficult to exceed 20mph except late at night.

Leaving aside the delay in implementation (not at all exceptional – I’ve seen many examples where legislation has been brought in for a speed limit or other traffic orders like one way systems, but the signs don’t go up for some time), what difference will it make to motorists and pedestrians?

For the record, the area affected is a box, as follows:-

East side: Victoria Street (not included)

North side: Dunbar link, Great Patrick Street, Frederick Street (none included)

West side: Carrick Hill, Millfield, College Avenue, College Square East (none included)

South side: May Street, Donegall Square South, Howard Street (all included)

Thing to note:  no signed through route is included, because all through traffic is directed along Victoria Street and Millfield.

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