#Slugger15: What were your highlights and lowlights of 2015?

So as we get to the nub of the year and Slugger’s end of the year review (there are still some tickets left), what are your highlights/lowlights?

  • The Donaldson Review on NHS Reform which everybody read and no one knew how to enact?
  • The SNP walking off with all but three the Westminster seats in Scotland, forcing Jim Murphy and 40 other Labour MPs to pick up their retirement cards?
  • The seemingly permanent outsider Jeremy Corbyn and his summer of monster rallies culminating in a convincing victory and a massive recruitment of new volunteers into the halls of UK Labour?
  • The Stormont crisis with DUP in out Ministers and Sinn Fein belatedly signing up to a poor version of the Stormont House Agreement?
  • The long awaited announcement of the retirement of Peter Robinson from politics?

Let us have your suggestions, nominations, or simple reminders of important things we might otherwise have forgotten?