#EURef Leave campaigns at the UKIP Northern Ireland conference #UKIPNI15

The UKIP Northern Ireland conference was held in the Loughshore Hotel, Carrickfergus yesterday. Attended by Rupert Matthews and Caroline Stephens – campaign managers of the Better Off Out and Leave.EU respectively.

The upcoming EU referendum was the main focus of the conference.

Topics discussed included Trade, the Commonwealth, TTIP, the EU arrest warrant, border controls, ex Servicemen, the Fresh Start Stormont deal & the National Anthem.

David McNarry challenged the DUP & UUP to come off the fence one way or the other and state their position on the EU referendum.  He also called for a victims charter with a proper definition of a victim and criticised the DUP & Sinn Fein – querying what sort of devolved government hands powers back to the Tories in Westminster.

Notably David McNarry was not amongst the 15 candidates selected so far for the Assembly elections in 2016.  Stephen Crosby will instead stand in Strangford (he previously stood in the 2014 NI council elections and in Nottingham North for the 2015 Westminster elections).

UKIP Councillors Noel Jordan, David Jones & Donna Anderson were the first on stage.

Rupert Matthews was next to the stage and he dealt with many of the claims of the `Remain` campaign. He outlined how over half of UK international exports are outside the EU and how as a member of the EU the UK loses out on a seat on the World Trade Organisation despite having the seventh largest economy in the world.

Next up – Caroline Stephens talks about 3 areas where EU legislation impacts on British people (employment, TTIP & human rights) and mentions whilst like the Better Off Out campaign they were at the SNP conference, Leave EU was banned from the Tory conference.

Last up was the speech by David McNarry MLA


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  • Ernekid

    To be frank you’d have to be complete moron to think that Northern Ireland would be better off outside of the EU. Northern Ireland has received massive amounts from the EU structural funds in the past few decades that have been vital for cementing peace and stability. Our agrifood industry is dependent on CAP in order to be sustainable. That’s even before you consider the border with the rest of Ireland, if a ‘Brexit’ occurs it’s possible it could lead to the securitisation of the border , which would Devestate cross border economic activity.

    The Kippers really do live in cloud cuckoo land. The UK leaving the EU is a really stupid idea.

  • Greenflag 2

    Topics included – the Fresh Start Stormont deal & the National Anthem.?

    What has the Fresh Start a.k.a Most recent of Stale Starts got to do with leaving the EU /

    As far as I know the Anthem will remain the same whether the UK remains within or departs the EU .What is driving these people ? They need to brush up on Angela Merkel’s prescription for Europe . It’s the future even if there some aspects of the EU that need reforming .

  • SDLP supporter

    Ernekid, you are of course right but have you ever stopped to reflect that the party you support, Sinn Fein, were bitterly opposed to entry of the UK and RoI to the Common Market in 1973 and that SF have been firmly on the ‘No’ side on all ten EU related referendums in Roi since 1974? In fact, I can clearly recall the Provos shooting up polling stations in Tyrone on the day of the first Euro election in 1979. You may be only a kid but some of your older associates may need reminding in case they’ve got a touch of amnesia.

  • wayne Jaeger

    Look up the Coudenhove Kalergi plan. Think about it seriously because I have a feeling this as Europeans is what is in store for us. I`m not quoting UKIP policy here because I`ve never heard any UKIP people mention it, but others are more and more often. It sure gives the EU a different image.

  • Ernekid

    I don’t support Sinn Fein. Try again buddy.

  • Roger

    IRL and GBNI joined in 1973.
    Must agree with Ernekid that these Kippers are Nutters.

  • Dan

    well, that’s me convinced, right enough.

  • 23×7

    I thought that as well until I saw how the Greeks were treated. It’s neoliberal crap whether we remain in or out. Agree that exit would be really bad news for N.I..

  • Kevin Breslin

    McNarry’s going to stand as TD for Louth then

  • Kevin Breslin

    Thr Eu is neoliberal because it elects right wing neoliberal governments and a majority of right wing MEPs in the EU Parliament.

  • Kevin Breslin

    Sinn fèin will be joining the SDLP & Alliance on the Stay In side.

    If Cameron gets the reforms it’s likely both the UUP and DUP would join them.

  • 23×7

    Apart from in Greece and we’ve seen the reaction. Was the Troika elected?

  • Kevin Breslin

    Greek and Italian debt were built up under right wing governments and high levels of cronyism. In terms of democratic accountability, the IMF arent democratic in my view but what would not being in the EU have to do with that. Both Iceland and Ukraine have had IMF bailouts after the Great Recession. Ukraine is extremely right wing, “small state”, nationalistic and not in the EU or Eurozone. It reflects a lot of UKIP’s values, yet you have a country tearing itself apart.

    The ECB is as democratic as the Bank of England and the US Federal bank, given politicans ensured their opporational independence. The EU element of the trioka is democratic in that it consists of national government appointments and directly elected MEPs. I think the sceptic arguement that leaving the EU and adopting the drachma fixes every Greek problem has been clearly ignored by the selection of a pro-euro government who believes it can produce internal change.

  • Kevin Breslin

    Rumour has it he’s going to try to win a seat in West Belfast.

  • Chingford Man

    “if a ‘Brexit’ occurs it’s possible it could lead to the securitisation of the border”

    You mean like the EU border with Switzerland? (That’s meant to be sarcasm.)

  • Ernekid

    There are border controls with Switzerland and France. I’ve sat in the queues, there’s serious border controls on the Serbia-Croatia EU border too.

  • Chingford Man

    There will soon be border controls within the EU as well.

  • Chingford Man

    I also remember getting off at the last tram stop in Geneva, walking across the border without showing my passport and boarding the cable car to the top of Mont Blanc. Geneva’s dormitory towns are almost all in France. Hard to “securitise” that border.