Friday Comic – Jonathan Bell Visits China

Jonathan Bell Visits China

  • Zeno

    Brilliant……….. lol

  • Greenflag 2

    Brilliant and funny and true (almost )

  • mickfealty

    My pedantic contribution is that he appears to have been there in his private capacity with the Confucian Institute…

  • Granni Trixie

    The visit could legitimately be called “work” (of the Minister) so is it or isn’t it?

    Is the smoke and mirrors because of a DUP recognition that it is ridiculous to go on a visit with in-out politics prevailing in Ni? Isn’t the
    Minister now a hostage to fortune for future private-business visits?
    As he was when he brilliantly said after last Westminister election results “South Belfast can be a unionist stronghold”. What a star.

  • Greenflag 2

    On reflection Kris Nixon’s cartoon deserves to be looked at again . Not so much for the farce antics of the benighted JB but for the last caption where the Chinese gentleman pooh poohs ‘democracy ‘ . Well he /she might and not just in relation to NI which when all is said and done is a minor blister in the context of the world’s trouble spots .

    For all it’s much vaunted increased wealth /importance /rise as world’s biggest economy China remains a ‘closed ‘ society from a western democratic viewpoint .
    What we call ‘freedom and democracy ‘ and take for granted might not survive competition from closed societies .And the biggest threat may come from within our societies not without . Not from the weakest in our societies but from the reckless greed and stupidity of those who former Federal Reserve Chairman Greenspan believed could /would not behave as irresponsibly as they did . I believe it was Karl Marx who said that eventually capitalism would hang itself with the ropes of its own creation . Financial sector led capitalism came very close in 2007/2008 and governments since then have applied some band aid but nothing more. A repeat similar event cannot be discounted as yet. The Weimar Republic survived the first major wipe out of its middle classes in the early 1920’s . It did’nt survive the second major wipe out and mass unemployment (of 1929/33 ) great depression which affected the then German political landscape which gave rise to a political solution which left 60 million dead before it came to an end .

  • Janos Bingham

    I believe it was Confucius writing in the ‘I Ding A Ling’ who said: “when a herd of water buffalo are eating your crops, why do you worry so much about the fly on one buffalo’s bum gorging itself on sh@t grasshopper?”