Enda Kenny making some odd gestures during budget debate

From our colleagues at the Journal.ie and video from Gavan Reilly.

The gestures of Enda Kenny whilst Mary-Lou McDonald was speaking during the budget debate caught peoples attention.

I did some research on hand gestures and what we can subconsciously mean when we do these things according to this body language expert it clenching your fists can mean;

It can signify unyieldingness, like a more intense version of palms facing down.

Clenched fists with thumbs tucked-in indicate discomfort. This person is anxious and trying to harden himself.

Responding to the Journal.ie a government spokesperson said;

The Taoiseach was paying close attention to the deputy’s speech as he had to all Budget speeches given yesterday. Analysing a four second video for meaning that doesn’t exist is pointless.

Sinn Fein’s Mary Lou McDonald told the website;

I’m relieved that the Taoiseach was listening intently, however a punching gesture is unusual behaviour to say the least and I would suggest not to be repeated.


  • chrisjones2

    Nah Mary Lou

    Oil smuggling, fuel laundering, poisoning the water supply, money laundering covering up sexual abuse and murder are all things are way above wringing ones hands. Those are the real behaviours that are ” unusual to say the least and I would suggest not to be repeated.” ….but sadly repeated they are time after time ….. and denied time after time

  • mac tire

    “a punching gesture is unusual behaviour to say the least…”

    Indeed it is. Stupid behaviour from a silly man. When the budget is forgotten and the election looms, this will be played over again and again and again.

    It’s official! We live on an island of idiots.

  • mickfealty

    What we really want to know is, did he scratch his nose: http://goo.gl/XDpgpj?

  • USA

    Looks to me to be a deliberate action by Enda Kenny and not subconcious. I think the guy beside him told him to stop. Stupid and childish by Enda yes, but still not as bad as the crowd up on the hill in Belfast

  • Mary Anna Quigley

    Can’t see PSF do any better after all they have wreck NI Civil rights .
    The right to life. No health services, no education, no jobs , no roads, no justice, no accountability nothing but money for themselves alone. Greed power egoistic bully dictators. What was done past is what you get here and now god help you if you do not agree there way or no way.PIRA, who is PSF killed for power British state jobs. Lost lives lost loved ones were is equality for thousands of families NI and England. Killed for what and why what was the point? Never was about United Ireland about power greed need to control vulnerable.

  • eiregain

    Do you have a question or comment or are we just ranting on slugger now?

  • Greenflag 2

    Speak for yourself ;). Admittedly there are some in both Stormont and the Dail who give cause for embarrassment . Given the semi comatose condition of FF and its failure at resurrection attempts Enda knows that only SF stand between FG and a second coalition term . Early spring can range from Feb 1 to May 1 . The date will be on either side of the Easter Rising centenary commemoration/celebration and the longer range weather forecast will be used to ensure a high turnout for the elderly a key voting group for FG .

    Should be an easy win for FG if Labour were not so anaemic . Given the budget modest largesse and the economic growth rate of 6% and a 1,000 jobs growth a week Kenny should be Taoiseach yet again .

    SF may do a little better . Independents will be as disparate as before and FF will not have risen from the grave . The Dail is beginning to resemble Stormont i.e no effective opposition and no electable alternative government at least for now .At least we don’t have to suffer mandatory coalition.

  • Greenflag 2

    The facts

    The right to life.

    Abortion is illegal in both jurisdictions but is available in Britain . Several thousand women from both jurisdictions make use of the British National Health Service – Hypocritical .

    No health services.

    The National Health Service continues to function and has recently been noted as the best in the world for quality of service to the oldest members of the population .

    No education.

    Northern Ireland does very well in this area in comparison to other regions of the UK . The Republics educational standard is equally good not that either can’t improve .

    No jobs.

    NI Is overdependent on public sector jobs but that has been the situation long before SF ever shared power in NI . Apparently the cutting of public expenditures in NI is supposed to lead to an increase in private sector jobs in NI by reducing the amount of money being spent in the economy. The fancy name for this policy is neo conservative a.k.a austerity a.k.a

    Its worked in Greece but has’nt worked in the USA because it was’nt policy . The Republic’s economy is not comparable with NI in this case.


  • Greenflag 2

    no roads

    Can’t say I’ve noticed this .

    no justice.

    An exaggeration . Justice is never perfect . Where there is no law there is more injustice . Northern Ireland is despite itself improving in this area . But in a trainee democracy it takes time

    no accountability

    You are on stronger ground here . When the DUP can treat the Assembly as a jump in and jump out joke and when SF & DUP combine to ensure monetary advantage for their ’employees’ and supporters then you are basically back to pre 1969 one party Unionist majority rule except now its two party majority farce.

    ‘nothing but money for themselves alone. ‘

    All politicians everywhere live on OPM -Other People’s Money -i.e taxes at least in countries where the rule of law is extant . These earnings are usually supplemented by all kinds of add ons ranging from royalties from books to post political power consultancies etc . In poorer countries in the developing world it can be outright theft , embezzlement , etc etc . In the USA election to Congress or the Senate is now seen as being merely the first step to a more lucrative post as a lobbyist for large . corporations .

  • npbinni

    Obviously My Kenny feels the same way about SF as do most unionists in the north.

  • JohnTheOptimist

    The mere existence of this thread is an indication of the trivialisation of debate that is now prevalent in both parts of Ireland. There could have been a thread on the details of the budget, its long-term implications for the Republic’s economy and its long-term implications for N. Ireland’s economy. Questions could have been asked as to why austerity has now well and truly ended in the Republic, but is still continuing apace in N. Ireland and in the rest of the U. Kingdom. Indeed, according to most economists, austerity in the U. Kingdom isn’t even halfway through and the biggest cuts are still to come. These questions are highly relevant to the ongoing unionist v nationalist debate in both N. Ireland and Scotland.

    Instead, we get a ‘nonsense’ thread on Enda Kenny’s hand movements while a minor opposition figure was speaking. If SF were a true nationalist party (like the SNP) they’d be highlighting Tuesday’s budget as showing the benefits of independence from London and trying to convince unionists of the benefits of that. But, as they are not a true nationalist party but rather a raving marxist revolutionary party, they’d rather not mention the Republic’s expansionary budget, especially as it contrasts with the austerity budget they themselves will soon be introducing north of the border.