Enda Kenny making some odd gestures during budget debate

From our colleagues at the Journal.ie and video from Gavan Reilly.

The gestures of Enda Kenny whilst Mary-Lou McDonald was speaking during the budget debate caught peoples attention.

I did some research on hand gestures and what we can subconsciously mean when we do these things according to this body language expert it clenching your fists can mean;

It can signify unyieldingness, like a more intense version of palms facing down.

Clenched fists with thumbs tucked-in indicate discomfort. This person is anxious and trying to harden himself.

Responding to the Journal.ie a government spokesperson said;

The Taoiseach was paying close attention to the deputy’s speech as he had to all Budget speeches given yesterday. Analysing a four second video for meaning that doesn’t exist is pointless.

Sinn Fein’s Mary Lou McDonald told the website;

I’m relieved that the Taoiseach was listening intently, however a punching gesture is unusual behaviour to say the least and I would suggest not to be repeated.

David McCann holds a PhD in North-South relations from University of Ulster. You can follow him on twitter @dmcbfs