Garda killing raises questions about policing resources in border areas

Drogheda based Fine Gael Councillor and former Garda Special Branch officer has raised important questions about the number of officers deployed in border areas where levels of crime are still high relative to other largely rural parts of the Republic following the killing of Garda Tony Golden. During the troubles a call to the house of suspected paramilitary would have immediately raised red flags and no guard would have been sent out on their own he said. Garda Golden is the second police officer to be killed in Louth in the past few years.

  • Ulick

    Typical rent-a-quote Blueshirt using a tragedy like this to feather the nest of his buddies.
    1. All the coppers in the world wouldn’t prevent a domestic and any resulting violence.
    2. The house call wasn’t to the “suspected paramilitary” but the home of his former girlfriend.
    3. Of course crime in border areas is higher than other rural area – because there is more opportunity to take advantage of the vagaries of the border. If you want to make the border area like any other rural area, you get rid of the border, not throw Special Branch cowboys at it.

  • aquifer

    The murderer had a conviction for extreme pornography.

    No respecter of anybody’s boundaries.