#SluggerReport – Ireland’s Big Thursday Night, oh and a poem..

So, #GAWA and #COYBIG. Those of you in the know will get the references. For once all sides on the island of Ireland everyone had a song to sing.

Much of the #SluggerReport focuses on a lot of the good work done not just by the IFA (and the Manager), but the bottom up work that’s been done by the fans to turn their own act right around.

Gareth Gordon had good piece on that on the View last night…

And more on that here…

  • Redstar

    Yes its only football- but the sad pathetic bigotry of this failed statelet was highlighted around football when Dup refused to support a message of good luck to BOTH teams before last nights games.

    What a s@@@hole this cesspit really is

  • Sir Moses Hill

    I can only presume the DUP didn’t feel the need to send a message of support to any team not representing the Six Counties, so there’s no need for the 26 to feel uniquely snubbed.

  • mickfealty

    Nope, if you watch Gareth’s piece the committee’s support went scrupulously (and some may suggest pointlessly) out to #NIR, #EIR, and #SCO…