#SluggerReport – Proposed HIU just another round of ‘Beggar Thy Neighbour’ distraction?

A blessed return to audioboom for this morning’s Slugger Report which includes the main feature on the hoo haa over the ‘news’ HIU that the the British want to wield the censor’s ‘blue pen’ alongside Sinn Fein and the DUP. Confirming that a good idea once again has been ruined by a combination of false promise and design by committee.

It’s a great example of politicians promising to do what they can never afford to let their rivals do to them. Another round of “Beggar Thy Neighbour”. In the meantime, the much simpler things they could do for victims and the vast majority of those directly unaffected by the Troubles remain undone.

The idea that the British were ever going to devolve their ‘nationalist interest’ to Stormont politicians is risible.


  • HIU on timetable wouldn’t be in reporting mode until 2020 and probably nothing substantial until later. Another round of “kicking the can down the road”.

  • gendjinn

    “Quite simply the British government intends to control the Historical Inquiries Unit (HIU), what information it can have and what it can reveal.” Feeney

    Same as it ever was. If there was nothing to hide, they wouldn’t be working so hard to continue covering it up.