Finance Ministers from the devolved administrations issue a warning on cuts

Interesting article that caught my eye on Politics Home today was a joint letter issued by the Scottish Finance Secretary, John Swinney, Welsh Finance Minister, Jane Hutt and our own Finance Minister, Arlene Foster, to the Chief Secretary to the Treasury, Greg Hands about the pace of spending cuts coming from Westminster.

The letter warns that the current pace of cuts are going “too fast and too far” and warn about the dangers to public services.

The three ministers wants meeting within Treasury Officials before the next Spending Review as they complain that;

We also share the view that the UK government’s plans were developed and communicated in an unsatisfactory way, with neither advance notice nor apparent consideration of the implications for the devolved administrations.
Along with the issues making the headlines over the past few weeks, it is a timely reminder that the economic challenges still facing us are real and not going away.

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  • chrisjones2

    Three Big Issue sellers try and force through a Price Rise!!

  • Sergiogiorgio

    Got an agreed budget in place in NI Arlene?

  • David McCann

    Turns out this isn’t the first time the three Finance Ministers have gotten together

  • Dan

    Three appalling nonentities totally out of their depth.

  • the rich get richer

    In Financial terms Northern Ireland is a failed state.

    It should be grateful for the crumbs Westminster lets fall through the cracks.

  • Ian James Parsley

    I’ll come to this on my own blog, but again an obvious point is missed: if they are so concerned that their budget is too low, they can always raise revenue themselves (or stop giveaways).

    They should be challenged on this at every turn.

  • Reader

    Well, the cynical tactic for a region that thinks it is paying its way is to raise local taxes for local treats, and not share. The cynical tactic for a region that knows it is dependant is to demand a rise in central taxes to be shared out.
    So what’s John Swinney doing in such bad company?