Should we call time on Greenwich Mean Time?

Okay, this is a bit of a strange one. North Korea has announced this week that from August 15th they will return to Korean Mean Time which means putting their clocks back 30 mins. The time zone was changed by Japan during their occupation of Korea just before the Second World War.

Not to compare ourselves with North Korea but many people do not know that until 1916, the island of Ireland operated under Dublin Mean Time which had our clocks 25 minutes behind Greenwich Mean Time.

According to the the Dunsink Observatory, the Sun rose 25 minutes and 21 seconds later than at Greenwich in Ireland than in Britain and this is were Dublin Mean Time came from.

When it was changed there was opposition from farmers, politicians, local councils and various business groups.

I know this is was debated in July 2013 but should we not go back to either Dublin Mean Time or go to a time zone that is one hour behind GMT in order to reflect our slightly different position in the world?

It would put us closer to the United States (one of our major trading partners) and not distance ourselves that much from Britain.

Interested in your thoughts Sluggerverse….