Off-Shore Bank Accounts and NAMA (NI)

Mick Wallace TD is the mop-haired Independent TD for Wexford. Today he opened a veritable can of worms – and the story is beginning to break on this evening’s bulletins on the BBC.

Wallace today revealed in Tánaiste Questions in the Dail that Northern Ireland law-firm Tughans allegedly, according to Wallace, held a £7m Isle of Man bank account “reportedly earmarked for a Northern Ireland politician or party.”  Tughans was the law-firm acting for Cerebus Capital Management, the private equity firm that acquired NAMA’s Northern Ireland loan-book (that had a par value of £4.5B) for £1.5B.

On Twitter this evening people are speculating as to whether this strange bank account is in any way linked to a surprise resignation from Tughans earlier in the year. No doubt, we’ll find out soon.

Mick Wallace, helpfully, has included the entire Dail exchange and video sequence on his blog.

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