Bees contribute more to the UK economy than the Royal Family

Here’s a story to bring a smile to our Nationalist readers faces. According to research conducted by the University of Reading, Bees contribute more to the UK economy than the Royal Family.

They found that bees contribute £651 million to the UK economy a year, £150 million more than the Royal Family brings in through tourism.

I await with pleasure all your “Queen Bee” puns. ….

Full story here

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  • Kevin Breslin

    To some Bees are a Royal family, they have a Queen after all.

  • Chris Jones

    You almost sound like a Stoop supporter – droning on all the time

  • Kevin Breslin

    From bees to drones back to bees … of course since a male bee is a drone … oh wait, is that what you meant? I’ll buzz off now.

  • Barneyt

    Drones get their wings bitten off and are thrown out of the hive by the females….lesson for us all.

    I suspect the value of bees has been underestimated. Theory is that the planet will have 4 years left if all pollinating insects, mostly bees, collapsed completely. Its a seriously underestimated problem and needs more attention

  • Ben De Hellenbacque

    Can a queen bee issue a royal pardon (aside from when she burps)? Colony decline due to parasites. Need for diversity, bio or otherwise. Busy bees labouring away unnoticed while emblematic stuff generates less income but gets all the attention. And is a white Anglo-Saxon Protestant a wanna-bee?

  • John Woods

    This is a classic example of our fixation with putting a price on everything and understanding the value of nothing. Whether bees are worth £50bn or 50p, we cannot produce most of our food without them (arguably we could make a reasonable fist of feeding ourselves without the Royal Family). If the bees are worth £651m annually to the economy of which, say, half goes to government in taxes and if the government is currently paying, say, 2% on the national debt it would make sense for them to accept an offer of anything north of £18bn for the bees. Of course we all have a stake in the bees so maybe the price should be £36bn with the the extra £18bn providing a windfall of around £1,000 for every household in the country. Add bank fees of a few billlion and I propose we accept offers over £40bn on the condition that the buyer bears the expense of removing the bees. Great, no more stings!

  • Ben De Hellenbacque
  • Sergiogiorgio

    Good to see my Alma mater still delivering the cutting edge research….

  • Chris Jones

    Well a lesson for the SDLP Leader anyway

  • james

    Since we are on the topic of all things insect, Sinn Fein very much the grasshopper to the unionist ant.