#LeadersDebate: Blame it on the boogie


A depressingly accurate piece on politics in Northern Ireland from Chris Buckler has been played repeatedly on the BBC news channel during the course of today.

It comes on a day when seven party leaders in Great Britain fought it out in a televised debate /gameshow tonight .

Despite protestations the DUP were NOT included in the debate.

Peter Robinson tweeted his outrage last month:


Perhaps after viewing the BBC piece we should be grateful for small mercies.

The otherwise depressing report is enlivened by a contribution from our very own Deputy Editor ‘Disco Dave’ McCann

Who will be stayin’ alive after the debate? Who will be suffering from night fever? Who will be able to say “there ain’t no stopping us now”?

You decide.


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  • MainlandUlsterman

    you sound like George Osborne there, Robin 😉 “Fast growing” masks the question “from how low a base”
    Irish national debt and deficits both proportionately way higher than ours. And we thought we were in the sh** …

  • mac tire

    Christian Brothers taught me that to answer a question in Irish, you answer in the verb you were asked in.
    Ar scríobh tú sin? Scríobh (or Ní scríobh).
    I suppose you could answer Tá/Níl but it would be grammatically incorrect.

  • eireanne

    Thanks for your reply but you seemto be labouring under the misunderstanding that i want to put people into different coloured amazing and exciting pigeon-holes – just out of contrariness.

    I was asking for convincing arguments as to why the Union should be maintained and sorry a show, however patriotic, just doesn’t cut the mustard!!

  • Robin Keogh

    Nothing is masked as the figures are plain to see. After the crash everybody is starting from a low base. Where its going is the question, not from where its coming. Our exports are flying, unemployment is dropping and FDI is extremely healthy. We are borrowing at cheaper rates than Germany and replacing the high interest debt burden with very low interest debt. Already this year, exchequer returns are half a billion above budget. Of course its not all roses, when is it ever. But there is no sign of any stalling in the short to medium term, thats good, in fact thats very good as long as our coalition dont mess it up… thats another conversation altogether.

  • MainlandUlsterman

    why not? I think it put it better than words could.
    Ireland’s nice but it doesn’t produce grime …