Wuz Rory really robbed of glory?

Just like the politicians, outrage seems to be the default position  if we don’t get our way, this time over  sporting prizes,  judging from the Belfast Telegraph’s reaction to Rory McIroy, the bookie’s favourite,   pipped  by Lewis Hamilton for BBC Sports Personality of the Year.

Angry Northern Ireland sports fans last night slammed the shock result which saw World Number One golfer Rory McIlroy sensationally beaten by Formula One racer Lewis Hamilton to the title of the BBC Sports Personality of the Year. (The BBC website laid low, as the voice of the  sponsor of the deed of shame. I missed Radio Ulster reaction Can anybody report it? ).

McIlroy has every right to be wounded by this result on the simple basis that it was unfair, even if he has far bigger career priorities.

However for once, Ulster is not alone. This from the Guardian

Hamilton’s world championship glory is far more fresh in the mind of the public consciousness than McIlroy’s stunning summer of golf. That spell included back-to-back major triumphs, a World Golf Championship win, the playing of a crucial part of a Ryder Cup success and the march back to No1 in the world, which seemed simply unattainable during a troubled 2013. European golfers don’t enjoy such spells as routine.

Unlike Hamilton, McIlroy didn’t achieve everything he did with a clear competitive advantage over his rivals. Being blunt, and for all Hamilton’s brilliance in his field, the epitome of sport doesn’t relate to gears, tyres and space-centre computer systems which control every move.

Unlike Hamilton, McIlroy also didn’t take a sullen approach to the culmination of his professional year before appearing on the likes of This Morning in a bid to endear himself to a nation where he spends little time in anyway. And speaking of television, the BBC’s continued withdrawal from serious golf coverage unquestionably harmed McIlroy in respect of public awareness. Formula One retains far more of a presence on the terrestrial outlet.


The Telegraph is apoplectic

Sports Personality: Rory McIlroy snub is a travesty – he should not bother turning up again

The British public totally failed to understand the magnitude of McIlroy’s incredible year – they clearly just prefer men in fast cars, says James Corrigan

According to the Mail online

The BBC said that Hamilton claimed more than a third of the overall vote. He took 209,920 votes with McIlroy second on 123,745.

Accepting the award Hamilton said: ‘I’m so surprised, a huge congratulations to all the champions.

Just goes to show what a mistake it is to give the people the vote!. Hamilton accepted his award with generosity and Mcilroy  took his defeat with dignity. So that at least was all good. Hamilton lost out years ago and  no doubt McIroy’s day will come unless his marketing people decide he shouldn’t risk defeat again.  . A fair amount of massaging was involved  as part of the BBC ‘s promotion of women’s sport. Judging from those results, it’s having an impact with the same voters.


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  • Bryan Magee

    I think the lesson is clear: Rory needs to get a pair of diamond ear-rings.

  • ted hagan

    It’s a nonsense really. It’s reduced to the farce of a Eurovision song contest style competition. As sports writer Hugh McIlvanney said at the wxeekend, it it’s down to a public vote the Formula One drivers, especially the English ones, always win, The thing is a joke

  • Ernekid

    The key word here is ‘Personality’. Rory McIlroy has the personality of a concrete bollard hence he lost a personality competition.

    He’s a dull man who plays a dull sport.

  • Martyn

    Rory is generally more popular Lewis. Northern Ireland is generally less popular than England and even more so when we are on the National news as failing to agree on talks. I suspect that if the talks had succeeded then Rory might well have won

  • Eugene McConville
  • kalista63

    And this on the week that it was found that Rory scrubbed the memory of something like 8 devises, heavily reported on the very sport oriented 5 Live.

    Now here’s a thing Ive heard all day and it’s driving me f***ing mental: Drivers just sit in the car and it does all the work. These guys are supreme athletes. They train so their body and brain can operate under extreme duress. Their body core, neck and arms have to be trained so they can withstand the g forces in a race.

    They also have to, along with their team, have the intelligence to adapt to atmospheric, technical ans tactical changes at speeds that would scare the crap out of us.

  • dodrade99

    I’m surprised the bookies got it so wrong, Formula one is simply more popular than golf among armchair sports fans. Can’t see McIlroy ever winning SPOTY in the future either as he’s unlikely to ever have as good a year on the greens again.

  • GEF

    Sure this young 25 year old from Holywood Co Down was able to give £1 million to a local children’s charity out of winnings from his dull sport recently.

  • Bedhead1157

    Exactly! People think that all the driver has to do is point it in the right direction and the car will do the rest, they don’t see the driver adjusting the brake bias between corners or the diff settings, they just see the car doing it’s thing all by itself. Yes, Hamilton has a great car, but do you think Rory could turn up at a PGA event with a set of clubs from Argos and win?

  • John Gorman

    I think the point is most golfers equipment on tour are much of a muchness whereas it is quite obvious a few F1 cars are head and shoulders above the rest making the championship usually a 2 or at most a 3 horse race!!

  • Gerrynearly

    I remember a few years back there was a campaign of sorts to have Peter Canavan nominated but apparently he was ineligible because GAA was only played in Ireland

  • Bedhead1157

    Rory will have a team developing his own bespoke clubs, he changed clubs before and immediately had a shocker of a season, he will have his own wee team as much as any grand prix driver. You can only work within the rules of your sport and F1 is very strict on those rules, The difference between the guy on the bacl of the grid and the guy at the front is a lot closer than most people think. The thing that gets me is that Rory isn’t consistent, he has spells of brilliance, then goes to bits in the next tournament.

  • Barneyt

    if its a vote, its a vote. Had the votes been split between the public and a panel of voters, with equal weighting, then you could perhaps cry foul. Its not about personality. Its not even about popularity. 200k votes for the winner is poor, so its not worth getting excited about. Its fair to say that Rory put himself into the international category by opting to play for Ireland. I suspect that played a part.

  • kalista63

    Rory’s personality has also been expose by the way he treated 2 girlfriends and quite distasteful, ruthless attitude in business.and then there the thing with that wee lad who wanted an autograph.

  • Bedhead1157

    What was the thing about the wee lad?

  • Gerrynearly

    I’m not a fan particularly but in his defence the reason he didn’t give that wee lad an autograph apparently was because he wasn’t actually finished his round and therefore was prohibited from speaking to anyone/giving autographs. Something to do with the rules of golf that you have to have signed off your scorecard (which he was on his way to do) before you are technically finished

  • John Gorman

    Correct plenty of times a player has gone onto sign the wrong score or even forget to sign their card and despite every single shot being recorded on live TV they are still disqualified.