Ebola won’t kill you, but the cigarettes, drink and junk food will…

Ebola hysteria has reached Belfast. A patient in the Royal is being tested for Ebola, nothing is certain but already it is the lead story in the news.

Anyone who has watched the rolling news channels like CNN will know they have been giving wall to wall coverage of Ebola, like it’s the Zombie Plague. Republicans in the recent mid-term elections ran attack ads blaming Obama for Ebola, ISIS and immigration.

It is the usual case of never let the facts get in the way of a good story. Ebola is a nasty disease alright but it is fairly difficult to catch. From the NHS website:

Not easily transmitted

While it is possible people infected with Ebola could arrive in the UK on a plane, the virus is not as easily transmitted as a respiratory virus such as influenza.

Only infectious when symptoms start

People infected with Ebola do not become infectious until they have developed symptoms, such as a fever. The disease then progresses very rapidly. This means infectious people do not walk around spreading the disease for a long period.

Even in Africa Ebola is not a major killer. Malaria kills up to 700,000 thousand people every year in Africa. 2.2 million people globally each year of Diarrhoea yet somehow the media likes to ignore these deaths.

The media needs viewers and readers and we all know the best way of getting people’s attention is the scare the crap out of them.

So what will you die off?

Well if you are a smoker there is a 50% percent change that the fags will get you. Tell any smokers that they have a one in two chance of dying and they will shrug their shoulders and keep puffing away.

40% of all adult deaths in NI are caused by chest, heart or stroke conditions. In 2013, 6,041 deaths were due to these conditions, which is 17 deaths per day. Over 60% of the NI population is now overweight. Being overweight leads to a load of health problems like:

  • type 2 diabetes
  • coronary heart disease
  • some types of cancer, such as breast cancer and bowel cancer
  • stroke
  • Obesity can also affect your quality of life and lead to psychological problems, such as low self-esteem or depression.

Will people stop beating the fast food into them? Will they hell. In the poorer parts of NI people are dying in their 50’s due to poor lifestyle.

Our perception of risk changes

I am always fascinated how rational people can get worked up about these media health scares yet blindly ignore the day to day things that will kill them. I am no phycologist but I assume it is down to habitualisation. When you get a new phone or a car it’s a real novelty for a few weeks but then you soon get used to it and never give it a second thought. Basically people learn to tune out the health messages and get on with their bad habits.

Here is my prescription for a healthy life. Turn the TV off and read a good book. Go for a walk. Cut down on the drink and junk food. If you smoke switch from the fags to vaping. Get a dog. Consider doing a Coach to 5k programme. Get more sleep. Or alternatively ignore all health advice. As a chap once said – ‘Who wants an extra 10 years of life if it means ending your days soiling yourself and getting abused in a nursing home?’.

What is your view? Let us know if the comments below.

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  • Tacapall

    Well you might as well just say it Brian, the Ebola crisis is just an excuse for mass vaccination, its not the disease we should be worried about when the same puppets of the medical cartel ignore the fact that tobacco in the 20th century has killed more people than both the total casualties of the first and second world wars, around 100 million, yet there is no effort from the government to ban the production of these cancer giving sticks that can be sold in supermarkets. Disease and war come together and the military industrial complex and the medical cartel have been hand in hand since the birth of modern capitalism, it was the bankers and private investor puppet William of Orange who introduced the first field hospitals on the battlefield in Ireland a move that certainly give him an advantage over james in the so called glorious revolution and strategic move that enabled the then new corporate Britain to build an empire. Just why did America patent this Ebola virus, will a mandatory vaccination be imposed, cowpox vaccine was compulsory but then banned when it actually increased the death rate, Spanish flu vaccine was compulsory for US servicemen yet the majority who survived did not get the vaccine, polio vaccine was compulsory yet today we know that most polio vaccines given to the public were contaminated with cancer causing viruses like SV40. We are living in an age where its impossible to say how we will likely die as tomorrow has not yet happened but human beings have the added advantage of having an immune system that can and will survive most viruses and trauma, when I think of myself, I was diagnosed with cancer received chemo and radiation, a very painful recovery process and here I am cancer free today yet others I met who had similar conditions and received similar treatment did not survive. Do I know how Im going to die, no I dont, hopefully its old age but with the onset of GM food being silently slipped into our diets we can but only imagine the horrors that await us in old age.

  • chrisjones2

    There is no vaccine

    And yes..big pharama is in a conspiracy to blackmail us into developing a virus all controlled from that flying saucer hidder on the dark side ofthe moon – like those Nazis in that film

  • Tacapall

    Brilliant rebuttal Chris you obviously have them get smart quick glasses on. Remind us again why a government would patent a virus that supposedly has the potential to wipe out most of humanity ?

  • Brian O’Neill
  • Tacapall

    You would trust Corporate America Brian ?