“And the entire political system will focus on its concerns…”

Agh, caught like a thief in the night. And I thought I’d got away with not writing about the first day of the talks at Stormont, or the thrilling events at the DFP committee. Actually I tell a lie, I thought we had.

Over on the Slugger Facebook page we had the video of yesterday morning’s ruck in the afternoon. And I thought Brian closed down all necessary comment with his Mr PotatoHead rendering of the honorable member for East Antrim’s plastic spat with the member for North Antrim…

That was about the time the DUP reverted to stereotype and refused to meet Charlie Flanagan the new Ministerial head buck at the Irish Department for Foreign Affairs. My only public comment on that so far has been a unrepeatable response to Eamon’s tweet on the matter.

Then the collective car crash which was The View debate last night. My strongest memory of that was Alasdair being repeatedly told to wait his turn whilst the big boys of Sinn Fein and the DUP had had their proper say, then finally getting in a spake and the only memorable thing I heard was sorry, sorry, sorry.

Ironically the strongest contribution came from Danny Kennedy who repeated the most painful truism of the night, ie that the voters already hold ‘us’ in contempt and this nonsense debate is only going to make it worse.

In the middle of all of that was a real story about how some politicians handle rape allegations.

But no worries, Newton Emerson has almost everything else covered..

What did I miss Squint?


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