UPDATED: Executive meeting delayed as Stormont prepares to pull a late one…

So finally Sinn Fein let the Executive have a financial paper on the table, but now there’s a delay in actually getting people to the table [Is Gerry actually going to let Marty ‘talk’ to his unionist fellow first minister? – Ed]. Who knows. Maybe Nolan’s probing upset the cart?

The caterers have been to told to prepare for a late night. Eyes down, so watch this space!!

Update: Tracy Magee on UTV speculating that the sticking point for SF is a clause in the bridging loan for this spending round is a clause in the terms which would bind them to arrive at a budget before next financial year. [A low and cunning trick just to force them to do the job they were elected to do – Ed]

Update 2: All that subsidised coffee and choclate sponge cake paid off… Over to you Tracey…

Something clearly smells a little off. [Stitched up one more time like a kipper? – Ed].

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