UPDATED: Executive meeting delayed as Stormont prepares to pull a late one…

So finally Sinn Fein let the Executive have a financial paper on the table, but now there’s a delay in actually getting people to the table [Is Gerry actually going to let Marty ‘talk’ to his unionist fellow first minister? – Ed]. Who knows. Maybe Nolan’s probing upset the cart?

The caterers have been to told to prepare for a late night. Eyes down, so watch this space!!

Update: Tracy Magee on UTV speculating that the sticking point for SF is a clause in the bridging loan for this spending round is a clause in the terms which would bind them to arrive at a budget before next financial year. [A low and cunning trick just to force them to do the job they were elected to do – Ed]

Update 2: All that subsidised coffee and choclate sponge cake paid off… Over to you Tracey…

Something clearly smells a little off. [Stitched up one more time like a kipper? – Ed].

  • According to DUP earlier there is only one option open any longer. So a late night might look as if this is all serious, but it is all just for the cameras. If it goes down the ‘loan to get us past the election without having to make hard choices’ route, then politicians 1, tax paying electorate 0. Again.

  • Nick H

    Borrowing £150m won’t solve anything. It will just make the current dire situation a great deal worse. How is that going to be repaid without taking funds from future spending plans when there are in any event further cuts to come in the future?

    I just cannot begin to understand how our politicians think that the rest of the UK owes us a living when we are already subsidised by the Barnett formula. Do they know something about the ability to live beyond our means that the rest of the world doesn’t?

  • SeaanUiNeill

    “Borrowing” from your Dutch Uncle……..come on, they’re auditioning fro a local version of “The Thick of It”.

  • BarrelOfPorter

    It will solve the problem of how to get elected next year.

  • Comrade Stalin

    This is pathetic. A loan merely kicks the problem down the road. If they’re running a £200m deficit, it simply means that they will owe £400m next year. The Executive must urgently rewrite the budget and make tough decisions to cover the shortfall.

    I doubt the British government will simply loan them the cash with no strings. I imagine there will be conditions, such as progress on certain matters.

  • So now we know the Shinners happy to borrow out of a crisis. What could possibly go wrong?

  • Comrade Stalin

    So the update here is that DUP/SF have carved up another agreement to disagree and kick the can further down the road.

  • Michael Henry

    Another 100 million from the idiot Tory’s- it’s like taking candy of a kid- all their threats mean nothing- keep on coughing up so no vote SOS can make a statement or two- prepare to be bled dry Tory’s –

  • Jag

    Seriously, if it was the Shinners’s position in 2011, in the Republic, to tell the IMF to take their loans and feck off home, then why is it okay to accept a loan in 2014 from the Brits?

  • Dan

    Is there anything more pathetic than Ford outside complaining to the press about the deal reached, whilst not having the gumption to leave the failed Executive.
    Someone send him a backbone.

  • Jag

    Bloody hell, homes that are being absorbed into Belfast City Council catchment area after the creation of super councils, to pay an extra 15% in rates.


    So, in SF dominated Belfast City Council, you’ll pay an extra 15% rates, but in Dublin, at Dublin City Council “to help hard-pressed families” SF has reduced the property charge by…..10% (SF had argued for a 15% reduction but settled for 10%)


    Families in northern Ireland must be all living on the hog’s back!

  • BarrelOfPorter

    Who would it benefit politically if those in lower income brackets were to be noticably better off in the Republic than in NI?

  • Gopher

    Could someone explain to me why education in this round of cuts is ring fenced. How can religious segregation be justified when 200 million has to be cut. Surely out of a budget of 1.8 Billion scrapping this nonsense and having a national system would generate all of the saving and then some. Point one on the debate should be ending this cash drain. Any responsible party would flag this up immediately.

  • Bryan Magee

    Not Sinn Féin, that’s for sure. Its a bit like the Tories introducing Poll Tax north but not south of border! Should be easy to make hay with this.

  • Croiteir

    The cost of generations of the union destroying the economy?

  • Croiteir

    Ultimately the British are responsible, ultimately the pay the bill