Biggest threat to Robinson is that there is nobody left who can say to him, ‘don’t do that’

Cathy Gormley Heenan (author of Political Leadership and the Northern Ireland Peace Process) and columnist Newton Emerson on last Thursday’s The View with some useful insights into last week’s controversy over the DUP’s wobble…

…a long term threat to Peter Robinson’s leadership is that there is nobody left who can say to him, ‘don’t do that’, he has surrounded himself, apparently with terrified yes men who won’t prevent him from making these ridiculous media performances. He’s done himself more damage today than Poots ever could have.

Hmmmm, quite…

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  • barnshee

    “prevent him from making these ridiculous media performances.”

    So Robinson is so strongly supported within the DUP that he can “squash dissidents” ? His “ridiculous media performances.” don`t seem to be doing him any harm.

    Commentators like these are the people who whistle going past graveyards to keep their spirits up. Robinson will go when he decides to go— Pootsie and co could end up on the dole if they are not careful

  • Daft Gype

    The smug look on their faces, as they relished at the prospect to get the boot in to anything DUP as usual, says all we need to know about the “usefulness” of any analysis from these blabbering parasitical nobodies who clearly couldn’t find a job doing something actually useful. No doubt they also have an element of delusion in thinking that the waffle from the media luvvies who follow them in the Twattersphere, or Republican minions like on Fealty’s site here, are a worthy gauge of valuable opinion on anything.

  • npbinni

    Hey, DG, I, sort of, enjoyed your rant, but, I reckon commentators do actually contribute to the discussion, and help get to and focus on the core issues. I know that Edwin Poots reads Slugger, as, I’m sure, do many other DUP members.

    ‘Fealty’s site’, as you term it, it has been a mainstay and important ingredient in NI politics for many years, and doesn’t deserve your disparaging remarks.

  • npbinni

    Ha! Robbo ended up on the dole in East Belfast. Pootsie, I suggest, will never experience that feeling with his electorate.

  • barnshee

    If Pootsie is so sure- resign the DUP whip and stand as an independent
    (forgive my smug expression)

  • npbinni

    your smug expression is actually be one of ignorance. Edwin Poots’ family has been involved with the DUP since its inception in ’71, so why would he stand as an independent? He enjoys huge support and respect within the party, as does Peter.

    Peter has been a great administrator and leader, and the party owes a lot to him, but all good things must come to an end, and one must look to the future. The last thing the DUP needs is another leader who thinks he’s there for life.

  • Michael Henry

    ” apparently with terrified yes men ” that’s part of Robinsons squad all right- the other part are terrified yes women who won’t say boo either-

  • gunterprien

    I hope you like the DUP. They could be taking over from the Tea boy Cleggy.
    And then you will have Northern Mps voting on purely English issues.
    I can’t wait. I am sure the English papers tore into the Fib Dems.
    Can’t wait to what they do about the DUP.
    Will the sun run pictures of Robbo in a Maroon Beret?
    Of him and Ulster Resistance.
    Bout time the Brits got an education, huh?

  • streetlegal

    The DUP party conference is coming up in November. It is anticipated that Nigel Dodds will make his challenge for the leadership at the conference. Dodds has strong support from the leadership of the Orange Order and it is believed that he can carry the support of the DUP membership in the Greater Belfast area.

  • tmitch57

    Contrast the situation that you describe above with that of David Trimble when he was leader of the UUP and of unionism. He surrounded himself with men of stature: Jeffrey Donaldson, John Taylor, Ken Maginnes, Reg Empey, et al. I think this is the best measure of the differences between the two leaders.

  • Barneyt

    Interesting scenario from Gunter…..DUP in government with the Tories. The mind boggles in many ways. I just cant see middle England putting up with it. Is it possible? Technically yes, but its worth taking this further.

    Robinson’s “active” past may cause embarrassment and serve as one main impediment, however clever politics could dress this up well i.e. a man who is prepared to fight for the UK….and it might appear to give the Tories some grease in their elbow as they stave off the threat from UKIP.

    The downside? It will either go two ways. As deputy (regardless of whom) they may press ardently for NI matters, matters that serve the more loyal aspects of the NI community. This will compromise both the UK government and of course NI.

    Alternatively, a vacuum will be created in NI and unionism will suffer, as there is no-one who can fill the DUP shoes presently.

    With regard to Robinson and his faithful party members, I suspect they will provide him with as much rope as possible.

  • SeaanUiNeill

    Oh dear, tmitch57, whe speaking of David Trimble you say “He surrounded himself with men of stature”, but perhaps you could list some?

    Oh, I know the point you are trying to make, but “some slight degree of ability” would have been a better way of putting it, than “stature.” Almost anyone, anywhere, could be said to be of some “stature” placed alongside the disguarded empties of the DUP, Poots and McCausland, and regarding the New Boys on the Block………..?

    And if I were attempting a comvincing roll call of talent, I would nort have started th list with Jeffery.

  • Daft Gype

    It’s a nest of septic Irish Nationalist delusion and neo-liberal twattery, to which the media luvvies are probably giving far too much time. My derision is more directed at the media circles who actually think that whatever is written by the Twatterati here is anything close to being normal . There is an air of smuggery and self-importance from the general poster here that needs taken down a few pegs (and I’m not talking about Mick personally, as his own insights are actually usually far better tuned to reality than most here).

    If Poots is wasting his time here then I’m glad he’s been demoted! (though being more a little elss facetious, anyone who gets the bottomless sink-hole that is Health ministry is going to have it rough, and he did a better job than most could).

    ..before I leave you in peace, an anecdote. I was in Shaftesbury Square a few months ago and needed a library. I remembered that their was a beautiful old Carnegie Library building on the Donegall Road. Upon visiting I saw the huge words “Belfast Public Library” in beautiful sandstone, only to get to the door and only saw a disappointing unwelcoming sign saying “Stratagem” and another saying “Northern Ireland Foundation”. Apparently this is more beneficial to the people of the Donegall Road. Almost metaphorically, the nearest other fully kitted out library I could see was immediately beside the Bobby Sands shrine…