IndyRef Live Blog (starting around about 1am)

Live Blog IndyRef Live

We’ll be grabbing good content from all around the place, good quote and figures as they come in. Both David and Phil will be on the ground at the count and will be pumping stuff in through Twitter. I will mostly be trying to stay awake and providing links, chat and crack as the night goes on.

Do join us if you can..

  • John Gorman

    So you gov poll has it at 46 54 to the no camp. I think that is a big enough gap (certainly bigger than a number of the recent polls which had a 48 52 split) so I may go to bed after all. I hope Im wrong and wake up to a nice surprise

  • Sir Rantsalot

    Hopefully the people of Scotland decide to stay with the UK. Lets see if they decide to create a separatist state based on Mel Gibson being killed by the dreaded ‘English People”…..

  • mickfealty

    Markets are settling too. Big turnout though.

  • Michael Henry

    Mel Gibson is a Actor who played a person who was killed by the dreaded English who wanted others lands / Countries – If it’s a NO vote it is democracy just like if it is a YES vote-

  • Am Ghobsmacht

    A thought occurs:

    As we all know, there is a paranoid almost hysterical element in NI’s unionist society that would not be prepared to even wait and see what life in a UI might be like and would immediately set sail for GB ( because eitherbthey just want to live in the UK or swallow all the paranoid nutty ideas about the pikes being sharpened and a torrent of nationalist revenge…)

    Anyway, does a similar element exist in Scotland?

    Should a yes vote prevail will we find a small number of self declared ‘refugees’ heading to our shores?

    Just curious. Any ideas?

  • Comrade Stalin

    I’ve heard a few stories of people saying they’ll leave Scotland but I doubt it’ll happen. It’s a bit nastier over here, of course.

  • Am Ghobsmacht

    I have these images of Hawf Nelson driving around the central belt offering ‘refuge’ in NI for ‘loyal citizens’….

  • Aráto

    The Better Together folk certainly seem a hell of a lot more confident as the minutes go by. Regardless though, it is the aftermath I am interested in..

  • Comrade Stalin

    Methinks this is all over. Our local experts reckon this is coming out in the mid-to-high 50%s for No, and the Yes supporters are being distinctly muted on the TV. Alex Salmond has, reportedly, cancelled an appearance at the Aberdeenshire count.

    It sounds like it’s all over before the Slugger real-time bloggers have even gotten started.

  • Aráto

    A bit like the ‘first time’.. all bluster and fumble for ages leading up to it, only to be over in a few seconds!

  • Comrade Stalin

    Yes, and they’ve been saying “sure we’ll try again in a bit”

  • Aráto

    I think they are still at the fumble bit CS.. This was a well rounded partner they were tangoing with, so there will be no boasting to mates about how great they were..

  • John Gorman

    This is still a very good result for the Yes campaign. There will be disappointment as some polls had them leading last week but lets not forget only a few months back it was looking like a 2/1 split in favour of no. The next thing will be to see if Westminster can deliver on their vow or whether it will be blocked by the backbenchers and turn out to be a big empty promise. One thing is for sure with the result being so close the issue will not go away. Polls suggest the No vote was heavilly backed by the older generation so like Northern Ireland that will provide interest for the demopgraphic crowd. Expect a re-run in 5 to 10 years time!

  • SeaanUiNeill

    Only Dannites…….

  • dodrade99

    If you want to know the fate of Unionists in a united Ireland just ask the Orangemen of Newtowncunningham.

  • Am Ghobsmacht

    OK dodrade99

    Given the opportunity I will ask them.

    In which case, do you believe that the burning of the Newtowncunningham is absolutely, unequivocally the fate of unionists in a UI?

    If so, by the exact same token would you accept that the very few bands in NI that carry loyalist terrorist standards are representative of the greater unionist community?

    For what it’s worth, as a unionist who has lived in the south I received little to no hassle and any ‘nationalist’ that abused me was an alienated, brain-washed imbecile, by a similar token I equate any idiot who carries UVF flags equally imbecilic.

    Where do you stand on such a matter?

    Also, when I lived in Dublin, why did no one try to burn me out of my home or the mad Glaswegian Rangers fan who used to drink in the local GAA club?

    I eagerly anticipate your theories.

    Also, why is there an Orange parade in Rossnowlagh? Should they not all have been ‘genocided’ by now?

  • Am Ghobsmacht

    BTW dodrade99

    If the fate of Irish Protestants is so ghastly then why are there still Protestants alive in the RoI?
    Surely 100 years of genocidin would have got rid of them by now (BTW, given the arguments that I’ve seen on S O’T there is an argument for genocide against the Anglo-Irish in the early 20’s….)