John Oliver: What the hell is going on in Scotland..?

To be going on with, this is pretty good…

  • JH

    Fantastic 🙂

    Getting some Laphroaig and a Unicorn in and holing up for the night to watch this whole thing unfold. Should be interesting!

    Anyone know if we can expect any exit polls? What are the rules about that, is there a moratorium until the polls close?

  • Morpheus

    Excellent piece from Professor Jeffrey D. Sachs from Columbia University, also Special Adviser to the United Nations Secretary-General on the Millennium Development Goals.

    He is calling for cool heads:

    “Here, then, is a plausible and positive scenario for an independent Scotland. The rest of the UK (called the “RUK” in the current debate), including England, Wales, and Northern Ireland, would quickly and efficiently negotiate the terms of independence with Scotland, agreeing how to share the UK’s public debt and public assets, including offshore oil and gas. Both sides would be pragmatic and moderate in their demands.

    At the same time, the EU would agree immediately to Scotland’s continued membership, given that Scotland already abides by all of the required laws and democratic standards. Similarly, NATO would agree immediately to keep Scotland in the Alliance (though the Scottish National Party’s pledge to close US and British nuclear-submarine bases would be a complication to be overcome).

    Both Scotland and the RUK might agree that Scotland would temporarily keep the British pound but would move to a new Scottish pound or the euro. If such monetary arrangements are transparent and cooperatively drawn, they could occur smoothly and without financial turmoil.”

    He also talks about the alternative

  • For results, get up early

  • streetlegal

    The watchword is Courage – Cry Freedom!