Jim Murphy suspends his #IndyRef tour for 72 hours pending a response from #YesScotland…

I was going to call it a night and go to bed when I picked this up from a reader though the Slugger Facebook page (give us a ‘Like’ if you don’t want to miss any of the good stuff here on Slugger).

I think its worth sharing before the weekend properly kicks in and long before we can realistically figure whether it’s likely to go viral…

Fascinating stuff, not least because it tells us more about the nature of politics than a dozen symposiums on the subject. Labour’s former Secretary of State for Scotland, Jim Murphy, has announced he’s suspending his 100 days, 100 streets tour of Scotland for 72 hours (that’s a long weekend to you and me), and he offers this video as the reason why.

Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 21.28.45

Interesting call from Murphy in the sense that it’s what we call in Irish ‘Sos Cogadh’ or a break in the campaign unilaterally declared, rather than a withdrawal from the field, not to mention tipping the dilemma it creates onto the laps of the moderate Yes campaign headquarters.

Some of the insults thrown at him are pretty elemental, not least the shouted remark that he will be seen as a traitor after independence. There’s also a spoken reference to a wrecked table of No campaign material, and it being a consequence of working with an English party.

It’s a negative view of one of the Yes campaign’s key strengths, what Drew Westen sometimes calls “Trickle-up politics”. The problem is that the strength and flexibility of its distributed activism also comes with a general lack of control over whatever content they unilaterally choose to use.

In this case, these passionate believers in an emotionally compelling Scottish Yes may, inadvertently, have given Murphy and the Better Together campaign a rather difficult hostage to fortune, just at a point when the campaign needs to broaden its appeal beyond those hard core believers…


  • ShuggyMcGlumpher

    I just can’t stop thinking about the many things that make me proud to be Scottish right now. One is I came out of a vagina in Simpson’s Memorial Hospital in Edinburgh. The other is stuff like this: I can’t believe this is Scotland. Are you sure this isn’t some footage from some social democrat conference in Norway or maybe Denmark? It’s awesome. I was going to vote No but after this, it’s Yes for much more of this sort of thing. Freedom!

  • Comrade Stalin

    Such tactics, shouting down an opponent etc, are dismal and to be condemned but I think the NO campaign are trying to spin this as a huge conspiracy when it’s probably little more than a small group of internet-assembled idiots who have no direct connection with the Yes campaign.

  • ShuggyMcGlumpher

    Yes, probably. The fact that they’ve been at every single appearance that Jim Murphy has made in quite impressive numbers is really only testimony to the efficiency of Scotland’s public transport system.

  • Cinaedmor

    The common or garden thug, aka the shaven-headed salad-avoider is a frequent visitor to these islands. Did one not recently land on a music stage in Belfast?

    To be fair to the egg-throwing Scottish specimen he had probably never encountered an egg in its unfried form and was therefore completely unaware of what he had in his hand.

  • ShuggyMcGlumpher

    There seems to be a conspiracy narrative developing: there was a second eggman on the grassy knoll.

  • dougthedug

    Jim jumps into the bear-pit and stands on street corners inviting protest and shouting down hecklers and then goes nationwide after getting hit by an egg.

    Funny thing is there’s full face video of the egg thrower and lots of Yes supporters have been tweeting the face of the egg-thrower but there’s no sign of him. He got close enough to Jim to smear one on his back and then just walked away.

  • Comrade Stalin

    Say what you like about the SNP but at least the buses run on time. 🙂

  • ShuggyMcGlumpher

    Ha ha!

  • dougthedug

    Most of Jim’s soapbox speeches have been to empty streets. Don’t make things up.

  • ShuggyMcGlumpher

    Lot of hate in those ’empty streets’ it seems.

  • ShuggyMcGlumpher

    Shouting down hecklers? How rude of him. Anyway, I don’t give a damn about eggs – plenty of politicians have had them thrown at them. I don’t even care about hecklers. Rather, it’s what these hecklers are *saying*. There’s been a tribal hostility to the Tories up here as long as I can remember. Not always the epitome of rationality but it was based on the politics of party and class. Now it has an ethnic tinge. I’ve heard it myself and now it’s been recorded – by black ops, no doubt – for everyone to see and it sends a chill down my spine. It should worry everyone but instead we get newspaper columnists and, of course, people in the comments threads of blogs, rationalising it. Stay classy.

  • ShuggyMcGlumpher

    Sorry, correction: it seems the freedom lovers are more keen on filming than being filmed and have attempted to have the footage banned.

  • dougthedug

    Luckily nobody’s been trying to rationalise it here.

  • PeterBrown

    Another conspiracy theory bites the dust…