Robin Williams, a compassionate story teller…

Sad news in the passing of Robin Williams. I was a quiet fan, not least for his almost medieval approach to comedy and drama. The Fisher King almost a perfect depiction of his own internal struggles…

My own personal favourite was his portrayal of ‘Sean’ in Good Will Hunting…” He was despite all his struggles, a great story teller, who took care over the stories he chose to tell others, whatever daemons haunted him…

  • Joe_Hoggs

    He certainly was a very talented individual both in terms of comedy and impersonations as well as serious acting. I won’t pretend I was a big fan but there were a number of his movies I really enjoyed such as childhood favourite “Jumanji,” “Mrs. Doubtfire” and “Dead Poet’s Society”.

    As a tribute to the man himself, I’ll try to catch some of his more acclaimed movies such as “Good Will Hunting” and “Insomnia”.

  • sean treacy

    I heard a BBC reporter relating today how he and two other Irish students spent a summer in San Francisco working on sites and playing football.Their route to and from work took them past Robin Williams’ house and one evening they encountered him at his front door.They hollered at him in a mixture of Northern accents ( I think a Crossmaglen brogue featured strongly in the mix ) and were dressed like all Irish construction workers and immersed in ” clabber to the knee”. Williams took in the “yahooing” for a second or two before retorting “you must all be stockbrokers?”

  • babyface finlayson

    He was good in ‘One Hour Photo’ and ‘Insomnia’ showing a more sinister side.
    I found ‘Good Will Hunting’ a bit too cloying, though for some reason ‘Dead Poets Society’ which on the face of it is even more sentimental did work for me.
    Steve Marin ad Williams were the 2 wacky guys of stand up back then. Both made some terrible movies but some real gems too.
    Sadly the success was not enough to fight off the black dog.
    Nanu nanu.

  • Michael Henry

    I remember fondly watching Mork and Mindy years ago and the films that Williams acted in since- a sad passing for his family / friends and millions of fans across the World-

    Another death by this worldwide problem of depression-

  • Jag

    Ah shelbot, Orson (re)calling Mork, permanently.

    Full episodes of Mork and Mindy can be found on youtube. Three decades old, and it’s still fresh, dominated by Robin Williams’s talent.

    Ar dheis De go raibh a anam

    [By the way Mick, still gremlins on the website, your homepage is showing as most recent post, one from 6th August, only saw this post by clicking on “latest commented posts]