ABOD “ironing out difficulties and promoting our culture in a proper way”

I have argued here on Slugger before that if Republicans and members of the loyal orders were to follow through on their professed values, in theory least, we would not be seeing most of the trouble we get in the summer.

In truth most of the trouble we do have is a result either a legacy of nasty human conflict or a result of an equally nasty but utterly contemporary push for political territory. Often both of these collide.

Both sides are reluctant to admit fault, and often resort to loud accusations of a lack of leadership on the other side.

However the ‘The Maiden City Accord’ produced by the Apprentice Boys of Derry looks like a structured attempt to assert their own culture.

Sam McBride in the News Letter reports

Jim Brownlee, governor of the Apprentice Boys, stressed that the document was not a “code of conduct”, but rather an “agreement” about how parades will be conducted.

He told the News Letter that the “local accord” was “a common sense document addressing issues whereby Protestant culture in particular has been demonised”.

He added: “It will make people aware of what’s expected of them in terms of parades.

“And it will also give them a sense of pride that this culture is something to be proud of; not something to be hidden or limited in terms of a public procession. It’s reflective of history and tradition and in many ways it’s a document which is common sense in terms of what’s expected of you at parades.”

Mr Brownlee said he hoped that it would lead to “ironing out difficulties and also promoting our culture in a proper way”.