#Bonfires 2014

As has been blogged on here already, for good and bad, bonfires have been attracting a lot of attention over the last few years. This appears to be, in part, due to combination of the ubiquity of social media and cameras. While a number of high profile news stories are giving a significantly negative impression of bonfires and what gets placed on them, it isn’t clear how representative this is. If the attitudes evidenced in the symbols being included on bonfires are to be addressed, what is needed first is an accurate picture of the bonfires themselves. To try and capture one, I’ve put a survey up on Google docs (you can access it here).

I’m going to embed it below but it may not work on this platform. Please circulate this survey as the more responses the more accurate the picture. I’ll blog an overview of the results on Slugger and publish the raw spreadsheet view Google Docs and Scribd.

[gform id=’861′]

[gform form=’https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dElJcGRQVms5aEhrNTdlTV9QQkxmNXc6MA’]

  • Jag

    John, you might end up significantly boosting the NI crime figures, because it appears clear that the PSNI regard boneys as no-go areas. GA says that his solicitor has reported an effigy of his likeness in a Celtic shirt hanging from a scaffold on a boney, to the PSNI as a hate crime.

    New media, camera phones with video, youtube, twitter, slugger, facebook, the ability of the PSNI, politicians and commentators to speak directly to their audience from their websites without the filter of the old media : these are all throwing bucketloads of Dettol on this pusfilled season,

    It’s by no means just the LUPOs who are at fault though, I see some idiot, presumably nationalist, has defaced the “No Entry” sign to the Orange Hall compound on the Downshire Road in Newry. A few months back, they lopped off the “Entry” from the sign, so it just said “No” and in the past week, they have scrawled “Orange wanted here” so the sign now reads “No Orange wanted here”. Maybe you could open a Google form for these types of vandalism, sectarianism, needling and maybe as a decent society, we will better appreciate that these actions are just not acceptable.

  • John
    “Please circulate this survey as the more responses the more accurate the picture”
    No, that’s not how it works.

  • John Ó Néill

    Enlighten us as to how *it works*.

  • Jag

    Look John, the Pope has just said that 2% of clergy are

    If you asked folks to send in pics of their favourite paedo
    priest, you might create the impression that all priests are paedos, when the
    Pope’s statement indicates that only one in fifty is, and that, if you allow
    your children to be in the company of priests, there is only a one in fifty
    chance that they’ll be exposed to abuse.

  • Dec

    Throw in a few more references to Sinn Fein, imbed at least a dozen hyperlinks to previous threads about Sinn Fein, insert a smattering of self-congratulory ‘Indeed’s and display an ostrich-like demeanour whenever anyone else, but especially the DUP, are caught with their hands in the till (see Red Sky, Turkington Holdings, NIHE, Iris-gate etc). Help much?

  • mickfealty

    You’re not really paying attention, are you Dec?

  • Dec

    Keep telling yourself that, Mick. Anyway if anyone else had made the remark Pete made above you’d have been all over them like a tramp on chips, so what gives?

  • mickfealty


    We’ll have to agree to disagree on the merits of three (or is it one?) of those. On Irisgate you must be ‘misremembering’ (albeit on an epic scale)…

    We don’t treat ‘news’ as tomorrow’s (or even yesterday’s) chip paper. Nothing gets thrown away; because you never know when we might need it again… 😉

    As for Pete, the short pedantic comment is why I recruited him for the blog in the first place, and I’ve not been disappointed since…

    Hell, you’re a pretty decent past master at it yourself!! 😉