Yes, Germany smashes Brazil… but what can we learn from the Germans?

Last night’s 7-1 drubbing was a story that has resonance on so many levels…

Lastn night Janan Ganesh held out a sliver of hope for the Brazilians pointing back to Germany’s exit with a single point in the group stage of the 2000 European Championship was the key turning point for German soccer…

So what can we learn from the Germans?

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  • Am Ghobsmacht

    “7-1?! We’re NOT Brazil, we’re more like Northern Ireland…”

  • consul

    The Germans decided that the level they had descended to was not acceptable and they were not going to tolerate it. They made a clear and conscious decision to identify the changes they needed to make. Changes in terms of their youth development and their domestic game in order to restore the national team to it’s previous standing as one of the top teams in the world. They chose to be the best that they can be. They chose to operate at the maximum of their potential. But they have a different mentality.I will leave it to someone from Northern Ireland to speak about what they think they need to do. In the Republic needless to say the people governing soccer do not make the choice the Germans made. Different mentality. The FAI operates like every other institution here. A handful of talentless wasters will screw the game here for all they can get out of it and they will leave the sport to wither and die.There are many practical and realizable measures that could be taken to significantly improve the structures here in order to produce many more players of a higher calibre. The problem is the people running the game here haven’t a pick of interest in doing that. They are personally enriching themselves and as far as they can see that’s where their job description ends. Until they are removed and replaced with people who are motivated to bring the game here to it’s maximum potential there will be no change here worth talking about.