Richard Haass, the US Peace Eagle, has landed…

I see Richard Haass is having lunch with the Tanaiste… Just saying, like…

  • Labour as tribal as best of them when up against wall – probably worst.

    Who’s paying the airfare?

  • “Mr Gilmore spoke to Dr Haass again yesterday, and a meeting between the two men has been suggested for May 23 in Dublin. The US Government publicly backed the Haass initiative in March and urged the parties here to thrash out a deal.” .. BelTel May 8

  • “Dr Haass, who chaired talks between all parties on flags, parades and dealing with the past last year, is visiting London and Dublin ahead of the resumption of the Party Leaders’ Talks next week.” .. Tánaiste press release

    Will London and Dublin continue to treat Stormont as an arm’s-length body or will they join in the round-table conversation?

  • Jagdip

    Veni, Vidi, Feckedoffi (againi)