The 3rd Euro Seat: Can Attwood dare to dream?

With the European ballots on ice until Monday, we have turnout and local election results to pore over in the next 48 hours to provide some direction on speculation regarding the destination of the third European seat (let’s just agree that Sinn Fein’s Martina Anderson and the DUP’s Diane Dodds are in the clear at this stage.)

I think Alex Attwood has run a decent campaign, but I don’t believe the perfect storm conditions existed in this electoral outing to help him claim the third seat ahead of Jim Nicholson, but we can still be promised some excitement if Attwood can claim a substantial percentage of Lo’s transfers.

Given the pro-Irish unity stance articulated by the Alliance candidate, Anna Lo’s vote will be an interesting test of the resilience of a core party vote widely believed to be solidly liberal unionist in outlook.

And then there’s Jim.

Can Allister hold the substantial bulk of the almost 14% of voters who backed him in 2009?

We’ll know soon enough, but any speculation from unofficial turnout stats and the verification process is welcome below 😉