Give us your #Turnout figures for #LE14 (and #EP14)?

All turnout figures for each box in every polling station in the UK are posted throughout the day at 12 noon, 5pm and finally at 9pm just before closing. Share your local figures by hashtagging them in a tweet with #turnout and we will pick them up here.

Here’s the first one…

The early ones won’t be terribly telling, although Seamas tells us that this is 10-12 votes less than the same time last time out. Be great too if you can include box numbers too?

Belfast City Council #BCC

Holy Rosary 12-13%
Donegall Pass 11.8%
Cavehill PS 12%-13%
Dundela Infants School (Box 19) 176/795 (Box 20) 13%
Rosetta Primary (Box 25) 153/1002 EP 155/1021 LE; (Box 23) – 106/885 EP, 107/892 LE
(Box 24) – 66/734 EP, 64/741 LE. TT19 Euro LG 177/826
TT20 Euro 242/1003 LG 242/1018

Lisburn and Castlereagh Council #LCD

Castlereagh South: noon – (Box 16) Euro 60/554 LC 60/559 – (Box 17) Euro 131/1250 (Box 17) LC 131/1283

Armagh, Banbridge and Craigavon District Council #ABC

ST COLMAN’S PS (Annaclone, Banbridge) At 2pm the turnout was 17%.

Rostrevor 30%
Warrenpoint average 23%

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