Give us your #Turnout figures for #LE14 (and #EP14)?

All turnout figures for each box in every polling station in the UK are posted throughout the day at 12 noon, 5pm and finally at 9pm just before closing. Share your local figures by hashtagging them in a tweet with #turnout and we will pick them up here.

Here’s the first one…

The early ones won’t be terribly telling, although Seamas tells us that this is 10-12 votes less than the same time last time out. Be great too if you can include box numbers too?

Belfast City Council #BCC

Holy Rosary 12-13%
Donegall Pass 11.8%
Cavehill PS 12%-13%
Dundela Infants School (Box 19) 176/795 (Box 20) 13%
Rosetta Primary (Box 25) 153/1002 EP 155/1021 LE; (Box 23) – 106/885 EP, 107/892 LE
(Box 24) – 66/734 EP, 64/741 LE. TT19 Euro LG 177/826
TT20 Euro 242/1003 LG 242/1018

Lisburn and Castlereagh Council #LCD

Castlereagh South: noon – (Box 16) Euro 60/554 LC 60/559 – (Box 17) Euro 131/1250 (Box 17) LC 131/1283

Armagh, Banbridge and Craigavon District Council #ABC

ST COLMAN’S PS (Annaclone, Banbridge) At 2pm the turnout was 17%.

Rostrevor 30%
Warrenpoint average 23%

  • Castlereagh South (Lisburn): noon – Box 16/CS Euro 60/554 LC 60/559 – Box 17/CS Euro 131/1250 LC 1283/1283

    About 10%. Will be able to do 5pm and then next one would be all three rural Coleraine.

  • Mick Fealty

    Excellent TD!!

  • Morpheus

    What way is that read Mick/TD?

    In Box 16, 60 out of an electorate of 554 voted in the Euro elections and 60 out of 558 voted in the Local Council elections?

    If so, why is there a difference in the size of the electorate between the local and european elections? Probably a stupid question.

  • DC

    The locals are for ‘locals only’.

  • Sorry, 17/CS LC 131/1283

  • There is a difference between who can vote LC and National elections (of which Euro would count) but can’t remember what that is – residency/citizenship?

  • jeep55


    Dundela Infants School, East Belfast

    Box 19 running at 9-10% in both elections
    Box 20 running at 13% in both elections

    As at 12noon

  • DC

    EU nationals can actually vote it would seem in local and assembly as well as EU elections, but not Westminster, might just be a registration anomaly where EU citizens within UK and Ireland have registered to vote in locals but not EU?

  • Gingray

    Rosetta primary

    LH25 – 153/1002 euro
    LH25 – 155/1021 local
    LH23 – 106/885 euro
    LH23 – 107/892 local
    LH24 – 66/734 euro
    LH24 – 64/741 local

  • Mick Fealty

    Thanks people!! We’re are at least getting the ball rolling…

  • Regarding the electoral register. My guess for the difference in the EU and local registers is that for the EU elections you can only be on the register in one country, so if you register to vote here you can’t vote in the other country. For local elections you can be on the register as an EU citizen in more than one place.

    When I lived on the continent a few years ago the local electoral office asked me if I wanted to vote there, saying that if I registered there then they would tell the NI electoral office so that I would be removed from the NI list. I opted to vote in NI instead, as I was going to be in NI on the election day anyway.

  • Mick Fealty

    #BCC (Malone DEA) Harberton: 13 87/860; 14 78/892; 15 86/739; 16 93/774

  • Mike the First

    Commonwealth citizens have voting rights in UK elections that perhaps they don’t have in EU elections?

  • Gingray

    Rosetta @5pm

    LH25 – 288/1002 euro
    LH25 – 290/1021 local
    LH23 – 225/885 euro
    LH23 – 224/892 local
    LH24 – 149/734 euro
    LH24 – 147/741 local

  • Where are the turnout figures posted? Each separate council website, or somewhere central?

  • Mick Fealty

    Each polling station Dave

  • jeep55

    Dundela Infants School 5pm

    TT19 Euro 176/795 LG 177/826
    TT20 Euro 242/1003 LG 242/1018

  • FJH is patrolling the North Down polls as I type!

  • Framer

    South Belfast turnout better in Protestant working class districts than Catholic middle class districts.

  • Mick Fealty

    Examples Framer?

  • Via Twitter:
    Retweeted by Áine
    Alan Chambers ‏@alcham49 2m
    North Down turnout around 20% in Donaghadee at 5pm. 30 in Groomsport. Lowly 11 at Breezemount. Overall could end as low as 40% or less.

  • Mick Fealty

    Dee St (Titanic) at 5pm 21%
    Crumlin primary school 22% at 5pm. (See Mark’s figures from 2009:
    Warrenpoint 23 average
    Rostrevor 30

  • Mick Fealty

    27.4% #LE 386/1410 in Lisnasharragh Primary for 2 boxes

  • Mick Fealty

    DH CHristie Memorial in Coleraine is the highest reported turnout yet… 17/CL – 38% 18/CL – 46%

    #LE14 #Turnout 12/CL – 38% 13/CL – 40% 5/BN – 28%
    #LE14 #Turnout 14/CL – 28% 15/CL – 29%

  • Boxes in Knockbreda PS Wynchurch Lisnasharragh DEA 30-35% at 6pm #le14 #turnout #bcc

  • Mick Fealty


    Gilnahirk 25
    Braniel 24
    Tullcarnet 24
    Knock Presbyterian 28

  • Mick Fealty

    Getting very little so far from nationalist areas, but not detecting significant differences in the few we have…

  • mac tire

    Mick at Newry Sports Center the turnout on all the boxes at 5PM seemed to hover around the 20% mark.

  • Zeno

    It’s starting to look like under 45%. Hopefully most of them turned up to spoil their vote as I did.

  • gaygael

    25% in Chichester park, castle DEA @630pm.

  • From Castle Integrated School in Bangor. 5pm
    14BC. Eur… Electorate 769 voters 165
    Local Electorate 775 voters 165
    15 BC. Euro Electorate 865 voters 207
    Local Electorate 867 voters 206
    16BC Euro Electorate 1048 voters ??? (I seem to have written down the noon figure)
    Local Electorate 1103 voters ????
    (I was distracted by Polling Officer who wondered if I had permission)
    17 BC. Euro Electorate 1086 voters 204
    Local Electorate 1125 voters 205.

    Back home now.
    Sorry not posted earlier. No internet connexion on train.

  • Mick Fealty

    Cliftonville… 22/3
    Deanby… 25
    Holy Trinity… 27

  • Mick Fealty

    We are simply not getting enough nationalist boxes to make a comparison, but we’re very very healthy turnout in working class Protestant areas just as Framer said above.

    Again no figures but a strong sense that the SF machine is as well piled and working as before, with some very slick expensive leaflets (8/9p a pop according to one knowledgeable reader)…

    Right now, its hard to know, but there’s a sense that the flag protest has got the message through to working class loyalist areas that the vote is thing. And not just in the last few weeks or months but ever since December 2012.

    Hard to judge middle class areas against working class at 5pm. 40% usually turnout between then and 10. But the SDLP must be worried.

  • Larne man

    234/917 5pm, Moyle PS
    Other two ballot boxes similar, but can’t remember exact figures. Very busy at the minute.

  • Charles_Gould

    I don’t see why “the SDLP must be worried” is an appropriate conclusion at this stage. My impression is that Alex Attwood has made a very good impact.

  • Charles_Gould

    Let me just distill Mick’s empirical deduction processes:

    “We are simply not getting enough nationalist boxes to make a comparison…”

    “Again no figures but a strong sense that …”

    “Right now, its hard to know, but there’s a sense that ….”

    “Hard to judge….”

    From which you conclude:

    “But the SDLP must be worried.”

    Talk about making bricks out of straw!

  • Mick Fealty

    I want 9pm figures before I jump though…

  • Morpheus

    Thought the same myself CG – the results will be out soon enough, maybe reserve rash judgements until then? Just saying like…

  • jeep55

    St Molua’s church Upper Newtownards Road


    27/OR Euros 273/968 Local 273/983
    28/OR Euros 178/812 Local 178/821
    29/OR Euros 190/722 Local 190/729

  • Mick Fealty

    4/LS, 5/LS, 6/LS St Marks Church, Lisburn – all at 45-50% at 9pm – loyalist/middle class area

  • Mick Fealty

    Get me figures boys? Hard figures.

  • keano10

    Big turnout at St Matthews Polling Station in Short Strand.

  • mark7694

    Has anyone got any updates on the turnout at the Stranmillis Primary School, or suggestions for where I should look for them?

  • Mick Fealty

    All over the west too. The Shinners are sitting proud above what looks like a modest but significant Unionist flood tide…

  • Richard

    There was an approximate turnout of 25% at 5pm for Harding Memorial Primary School on the Cregagh Road (Lisnasharragh).

  • Gingray

    Rosetta @ 9pm

    Much busier evening

    LH25 – 565/1002 euro
    LH25 – 571/1021 local
    LH23 -439 /885 euro
    LH23 – 439/892 local
    LH24 – 326/734 euro
    LH24 – 324/741 local

  • Castlereagh South (Lisburn): 5pm – Box 16/CS Euro 100/554 LC 101/559 – Box 17/CS Euro 290/1250 LC 292/1283

    There was a steady stream around 7pm and in the polling station apparently queues at around 7.30pm. Thought that might mean nothing.

  • keano10

    Not sure if all Unionist Working class areas are polling well though. Hearing that some of the East Belfast stations are still quite low.

  • gaygael

    holy family primary. 9pm serving both castle and oldpark dea.

    7.OL 276/664 and 279/683 41% and 40%

    4.CA 414/820 and 416/848 50% and 49%


  • jeep55

    Dundela Infants 9pm

    TT19 Euros 334/795 Local 337/826
    TT20 Euros 500/1003 Local 499/1018

  • David Crookes

    “22 May 2014 Last updated at 15:34

    .Vote 2014: Northern Ireland electorate goes to the polls”

    It’s 21.34 on election day, and BBCNI’s coverage of the story was last updated six hours ago (see above). How pathetic is that?

  • OK so rural, Londonderry, Bann area in Coleraine and whatever the Council is now called (yes the communication on the new Council structures has been that good!)

    Box 11/BN
    EURO: total eligible 565 – noon 82; 5pm 170; 9pm 303.
    LG: total eligible 569 – noon 82; 5pm 171; 9pm 304.

    Just over 50% and still a trickle in at about 9.20pm.

  • Charles_Gould


    What is the story? People are going to the polls. There isn’t any news on polling day other than that people go to the polls.

    In particular I think reporting of “steady streams” and things is really not very worthwhile and anecdotal at best. The actual figures are known soon enough.

  • Mick Fealty

    Derrymacash school at 9pm…..

    1/CG Euro 1075 (511 voters).
    Local 1086 (517 voters)
    2/CG Euro 947 (494 voters)
    Local 947 (494 votrrs)

    So it will be comfortably over 50% at close of polls.

  • Mick Fealty

    Laganview Enterprise Centre, Old Warren 31-34% at 9pm – DUP guys outside asking what they need to do to get people out to vote.

  • Mick Fealty

    Watch Mairtin in Balmoral (anecdotally picking up Protestant votes after a good year in office), John Kyle and Gavin Robsinon in East tomorrow…

  • Mick Fealty

    49% at 9 in Greenwood (Ballyhackamore/East Belfast)

  • Who told you that Mick?!

    Update on Bann, apparently in Causeway Coast and Glens.

  • Mick Fealty

    Sources, td, sources… [taps nose three times]

    I have also heard of defections to Jim Allister and Dodds after the SDLP’s row with the bishop… But I doubt they’re statistically significant… Switching off is the greater danger…

  • on the profile of the areas:

    Castlereagh South – middle-class with Exec estate in middle. Sort of place Alliance/UUP would do OK in past, though change means SDLP could have chance. DUP too of course have done well as this area was once Castlereagh. Quite a bit of rental and newcomers.

    Bann – this box would be mixed, sort of place UUP have done well, though DUP edged in over time etc. Think though that there is also a nationalist element at this box. Haven’t voted here before and not sure of the demographic/geographic it feeds. Mostly older/settled.

  • Mick Fealty

    portadown/Craigavon boxes 47-54% @9pm

  • Aye right.

    Anyway, there’s been a bit of chat about that, but mostly it’ll be wishful thinking ref all parties.

    In Bann, Duppers outside polling station not looking too happy – in a misery huddle – though that might be just a local dour projection. And there were no posters up. If I hadn’t had the leaflet posted there was nothing about to say who the two local candidates were. UUP/TUV quite visible for local candidates and TUV visible for Euro. Probably means nothing.

  • Zeno

    Sam McBride@SJAMcBride Retweeted by Alex.Kane NI21 is imploding. Following Tina McKenzie’s resignation from the NI21 executive, party treasurer Tony McMahon has just quit the party

  • Mick Fealty

    Ballysillan Presbyterian 55%at 9pm. Wheatfield 58%.

  • Politico68


    Keep the info coming, on the edge of my sun chair in Sunny California. I know there is not a lot of info at the moment but I am getting the impression that turn-out might be around 50%, am I right? Mick was correct earlier, if middle class turnout is down then the SDLP might struggle a bit.

    Went to a talk this morning given by a guest Japanese socio political researcher talking about regime and politcal movement failures. He spoke about the collapse of the soviet bloc of course and casually compared the demise and collapse of tsarist Russia to the ‘slow disintegration of Irish Unionism’ ….i nearly fell out of my chair with the shock !! Had to run to a lecture, will try get more details for those interested ??

    Mick, where is best to follow tomorrows cunt online? Any Suggestions?

  • Politico68

    OMG !! I meant COUNT !!

  • Charles_Gould

    Rathfriland 55% 9pm

  • Morpheus
  • keano10

    Suspect that the SDLP vote in Belfast will fall yet again. Very poor returns from some of the South Belfast Polling Stations.

  • Politico68

    Right on Morph, cheers 😉

  • Politico68

    I got a text from a buddy in Fermanagh, “SDLP in big big Shit”

  • SDLP supporter

    I always doubt the value of these sorts of threads asking for turnout figures at noon, 3 pm and so on. A retired radio journalist once confided in me that he filed a lunchtime Election Day radio report unaltered word for one for five elections running and nobody noticed. It was along the lines of ‘turnout 10% in Holywood and Bangor, 15% in the greater Belfast area and considerably higher in Fermanagh and Tyrone.’

  • Charles_Gould

    SDLP Supporter

    Did he mention a “steady stream” and a “tea time surge”?

  • Mick Fealty

    Belmont – 54%

    Box 1 – 53%
    Box 2 – 53%
    Box 3 – 54%
    Box 4 – 51%
    Box 5 – 58%

    Aslan – 47%

    Box 6 – 50%
    Box 7 – 42%
    Box 8 – 48%
    Box 9 – 46%

    Tullycarnet – 45%

    Box 10 – 51%
    Box 11 – 40%

    Gilnahirk – 53%

    Box 12 – 53%
    Box 13 – 54%

    Greenwood – 50%

    Box 14 – 48%
    Box 15 – 51%
    Box 16 – 50%

    St Joseph’s – 57%

    Box 17 – 62%
    Box 18 – 49%
    Box 19 – 59%

    Knock Presb – 46%

    Box 20 – 44%
    Box 21 – 48%
    Box 22 – 47%

    Clara Park – 51%

    Box 23 – 51%
    Box 24 – 52%

    Braniel – 51%

    Box 25 – 53%
    Box 26 – 49%

    St Moluas – 47%

    Box 27 – 48%
    Box 28 – 46%
    Box 29 – 46%

    9pm – Ormiston overall – 50.1%

    This is a levelling between working class and middle class areas. I think Alliance are in a dog fight for the third seat here.

    The upped turnout is not universal but I think whilst Attwood may do well on Sundays count the effect of the fleg dispute will punish Lo and drain Alex of transfers.

  • boondock

    fleg dispute will punish Lo!!!!
    Lo has been predicted to get 6% from a couple of different sources which is pretty much what Alliance always gets infact they may even have lost a percent or 2 to the now defunct NI21. Even in 2010 when Naomi obviously did borrow a number of loyalist votes in East Belfast the overall Northern Ireland percent for Alliance was yep you guessed it 6%!

  • Politico68

    Is there an overall turnout figure out yet?