Lanterns for wee Oscar Knox…

A short video of a few of the lanterns for Oscar Knox over South Belfast.

The brave, generous life of a small boy remembered in a brief, symbolic moment which united people in his home city and across Northern Ireland.

I cannot think of anything that’s happened that’s ever been quite like it. Given how generosity of spirit so often gets squeezed in us, this is surely a moment worth treasuring?

  • Yes it is.
    At times we are too hard on ourselves.
    We are at heart very decent people.
    The older I get, the more I realise how easy it is to make a child smile.
    He made us smile too.
    With the Angels.

  • Granni Trixie

    Losing a child is the saddest thing. I do trust that knowing that Oscar brought out the best in people even those who didn’t know him personally helps hs parents. I also think having good memories of their son will stand by them. God love them all.

  • Greenflag

    Well said Fitz & Granni Trixie . In the midst of so much political stupidity at home and abroad a reminder of the common human frailty and decency of people everywhere. .