Where does ‘Guns and Government’ leave victims of the Peace Process’s ‘self regulation’?

Seems to me there’s a lot of unpick from last night’s Spotlight, but I think this from Catherine McCartney on Facebook is worth sharing more broadly…

Ingram’s comment on ‘self regulation’ encapsulates the government’s covert policy re paramilitary criminality. I have said this over and over, this policy led to Robert’s murder, (who wasn’t a member of any group, ‘self regulation’?) and that of dozens of men.

Spotlight confirmed what I and others already knew but our voices didn’t fit the message and were ignored. My hope is that the families will get proof that their loved ones were denied a proper investigation and potentially, protection of life guaranteed by Article 2 [of the Human Rights Act].

A lot of Twitter comment was dismissive of claims made by Logan around the IRA’s continued gun running at a time it was negotiating decommissioning of the weapons it had.

But it may be the allegations of state collusion in murders undertaken in the Peace Process™ era that prove to be the most damaging.

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