Northern Ireland over represented in Irish political sex scandals?

Hmmm… Irish sex scandals… I think we Nordies may now be over represented… (and that would be YOUR fault DUP!!! [For getting caught? – Ed]… Go and read the inquisitive ‘Mexican‘ Mr Duggan

Congratulations to Patrick Nulty. The former Labour Party TD will be written into the annals of Oireachtas history as the first member of parliament to resign because of sex and social media. What we know – He allegedly messaged a 17-year-old schoolgirl on Facebook. He asked the 17-year old to play a game of “truth or dare”. When the girl replied truth, he is understood to have replied: “Have you ever been spanked?”. The schoolgirl wrote back: “What the fuck.” She then received a reply from Nulty saying the message was “only a joke”. The joke was on Nulty, he was also messaging the girl’s mother and she has reported the incident to Gardai. It is also alleged other women were messaged inappropriately. One was asked to send underwear in the post, and another was told to wear a skirt when visiting McNulty’s constituency clinic.

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