Robinson threatens to quit over Hyde Park

Following on from Nigel Dodds very annoyed performance during  Prime Ministers Questions, his boss Peter Robinson is now threatening to bring down the whole show telling the BBC that he is not prepared to continue leading an administration that is being kept in the dark about these type of issues. He is now insisting that a judicial inquiry into the 180 secret letters given to On the Runs be set up.

With an election approaching, poor relations with Sinn Fein and an increasingly restless Unionist community-will Robinson hit the Nuclear button and bring the whole show down?

A few questions would Robinson’s resignation take the DUP out of the Executive or would they merely install a new leader to take the ‘fight’ to Sinn Fein?

What is the end game for the DUP?

Finally, if the Executive did fall would anybody care?

Answers on a postcard please….

As only he can Newtown Emerson can do he reminds us of this being a story a while ago


DUP Statement