McCann meets…@LADFLEG Part 2

Pints nicely topped up, we began round two of our interview.

I began by putting to them the criticism they get most that they are one sided and only go after Loyalists. Ron responded that there are plenty of occasions where LAD has criticised Sinn Fein citing the imagery they created when Gerry Kelly stepped in front a PSNI land rover last year.

I followed up by asking them if they feel that they have ever stepped over the mark in criticising other people?

The response was swift and honest saying that yes, they have at times became irritated with some criticism citing an incident with their old bete noire Dave Magee, when their Christmas song for the SOS bus was pulled due to the scale of protest directed against the charity. Here is another important aspect of LAD’s temperament to note-the guys weren’t annoyed that their song didn’t make the charts but that a charity they thought highly of was going to lose out on money that could have been raised from that song.

So, what about the amount of bad language they use?


No matter what we say somebody will take offence. If I watch TV I don’t like excessive swearing on TV. I’m sure there are people who don’t like excessive swearing on Twitter but if they don’t like excessive swearing on Twitter LAD is not the right account to be following. But people follow us because they want us to do that kind of stuff. They want to be outraged…

Outside of the public persona, I was interested to know about the group dynamic. All of the contributors come from different backgrounds and have different experiences. Unsure about just who each other was,  they had not actually met as a group until Christmas last year, but regardless, they have obviously formed a strong friendship and an effective working relationship as they walked me through how the pitch ideas to one another.

I continued by asking how LAD were going to approach the upcoming elections? And would they endorse a candidate?


We are backing Jamie Bryson every step of the way, he is our man in Brussels…and we’re backing Willie Frazer, Newtownards deserves Willie Frazer.

Billy then chipped in with this offer for Jamie Bryson;

We will fundraise for him. We could get the £5,000 for him by the end of the week if he’s stuck. I want to see him run an election campaign. But in the local elections we’re going to tell you who not to vote for.

For my final question, I was interested to know who LAD enjoyed reading?

Billy- I like Alex Kane, I Eamon Mallie, I like Brian (Brian John Spencer)

Ron-Brian’s great.

There we ended our interview.

My thoughts-LAD is much more complex and interesting than they come across. They have convictions and want to use their platform to actually promote some good ideas in Northern Ireland politics-whether they do that effectively-I will leave for the comments section below. But next time you encounter them on Twitter, just keep in mind there is much more to them than witty tweets.

Although perhaps they are a bit more sincere about the Bryson fundraiser than I thought



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  • Granni Trixie

    Complex? Interesting? Rather, By their friends shall ye know them.

  • aquifer

    Jamie standing for election with a Union Jack wrapped around him?

    Why not? It worked for the DUP for years.

    Be sure and don’t use one of those faded ones with the raggedy edges.

    Anybody got a lion? or a big ginger pussy?

  • Helicopter of the Holy Ghost

    Another sad in-joke.

    Why did you resort to calling Dave Magee a c**t on Twitter if you don’t like bad language? Funny how the “victim” becomes the aggressor so quickly.

  • aquifer

    “one sided and only go after Loyalists”

    As if sectarian ping pong matters.

    Both extremes are both doomed to failure or ethical squalor, but the loyalists are more publicly committed to the enterprise so are funnier.

  • Neil

    Why does LAD exist, and is it a good thing?

    I enjoyed the St. Patrick’s day parade today. Very multi cultural. Loyalists have used the opportunity to spread lies that our lot have been burning Union Jacks all over town, using images from the queen’s visit to the south last year, and pictures from Iran showing people burning flegs.

    It’s strange that at greater than 50% of Loyalist bonfires last 11th they burned flegs of diverse nations, they seem to find it very offensive, I thought that was just simple cultural expression? So offensive in fact that it’s worth inventing it happening at St. Patrick’s day just to wind up dumb people to create trouble.

    LAD exists to eat and shit these lies. No one burnt flegs today, but more than half of unionist bonfires did. It’s not offensive at Unionist bonfires as it’s cultural expression, but it’s worth inventing and lying about at St. Patrick’s day as evidence of non inclusiveness and offensiveness at that festival. Alias used the psychological term ‘projection’ a while back. Basically feeling guilty for one’s own shortcomings and seeing someone else as being guilty of it because that’s how you think. Thanks to LAD for their existence and for blowing this horseshit of the water before the thicker end of the flegger movement starts actually believing that Nationalists behave as offensively as most Loyalists do every year at the 11th night celebration of anti Catholic/Nationalist/Polish/etc. etc. etc. ‘culture’.

  • Morpheus

    Don’t forget about the legendary statue incident and the DUP guy making out that burning RoI flags was acceptable. The list continues

  • babyface finlayson

    “I enjoyed the St. Patrick’s day parade today.”Posted at 1.46 am
    You started early.

  • Tochais Síoraí

    @BF Some places had their parades etc yesterday – today was recovery day.

  • babyface finlayson

    Tochais Síoraí
    Yes I see that now. I had my ‘kiss me I’m Irish’ hat all set to go too. Still that’ll teach me to be sarky. Sorry Neil
    But I really had no idea. What was the thinking?