Prostitution: “Debate has been extremely divisive and extremely ideological…”

Given the passage of Lord Morrow’s private members Human Trafficking and Exploitation (Further Provisions and Support for Victims) Bill, this documentary piece from The Live Register is well worth watching…

It has contributions from RuhamaImmigrant Council of Ireland and various other individuals like Wendy Lyon and Eilis Ward who speak both for and against the implementation of the Swedish model

  • Let’s hope that the passage of Lord Morrow’s bill has a deadens at the end of it.

  • Deadend, rather.

  • RTE did a surprisingly balanced panel discussion on prostitution on January 21st. You can still watch the Primetime Programme discussion on the RTE website for free.

    Of course, RTE did that appalling hitjob on sex workers last year, also Primetime, that was directed by Paul Maguire. That is another story

  • FuturePhysicist

    I was looking at the statistics quoted by the QUB academic who was speaking out against the DUP. Effectively he had said Human trafficking was around 1500 in Germany about 10 years ago, where prostitution is legal, but there were only around 750 female sex workers now.

    Forgive me not all humans trafficked have to be female or work in the sex industry, the presumption that half of those human trafficked might me male sex workers or slave labourers from either gender is quite feasible!