Cartoon – Haass talks 2.0

Haass talks 2.0, Brian John Spencer

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  • Greenflag

    He’s being unkind to limpets and who can blame him in all honesty ?

    But are they true limpets as per this brief definition?

    True limpets are often found living on hard surfaces in the intertidal zone. Although true limpets are not permanently attached to a hard surface like a barnacle, when they are disturbed or need to resist strong wave action, limpets cling extremely tightly and strongly to the hard surface on which they live, using their muscular foot.

    Sounds very close .

    continued .

    ” A true limpet will often allow itself to be destroyed rather than give up its hold on a rock.’

    Oh dear -yup Haas got it right 😉

    Well at least he tried. Tick tock tick tock .

  • Mick Fealty

    Given the night that’s in it, would the caption “something, something, something dark side…” work?

  • And then I’m off to Scotland to pick up my Johnny Walker’s Double Scotch Drinker of the Year award.

  • ayeYerMa

    Surely it should be the electoral majority hitting Haass with a spade and telling him where to go? What fucking business is any of this to do with him?