Mary Lou McDonald: A young political life less ordinary…

Alex Kane has been doing his homework on Mary Lou McDonald. It’s a good, well researched profile piece. And goes some way to explaining why she’s become such a lynchpin between Sinn Fein’s past and its future. She is not a woman to be in any way underestimated.

In short…

  • Born on May Day, 1969 and raised in the affluent Rathgar: she has two brothers and a sister
  • She was educated at Notre Dame, a private fee-paying school in Dublin
  • She had a “road to Damascus” moment in 1981 when she watched news about the hunger strikes
  • She married Martin Lanigan in the mid-1990s and they have two children
  • She joined Fianna Fail in 1998, turned down a safe council seat and then defected to Sinn Fein shortly afterwards
  • She was an MEP, and is now a TD and deputy leader of Sinn Fein. Many believe she will be the next leader

But do it read it all

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