Scottish sex worker campaigning against Lord Morrow`s anti-trafficking bill

With the DUP`s Lord Morrow anti trafficking bill getting widespread support, one escort has lobbied the PUP and is campaigning against the bill asserting that it will drive sex workers underground and put them in more danger.

The CARE website has a detailed analysis of Lord Morrow`s Bill and state:

That the Bill is essential because it closes the gap between the very limited changes proposed by the Northern Ireland Executive to make Northern Ireland compliant with the EU Anti-Trafficking Directive and what is actually mandated by the Directive;

Meanwhile Irish Justice Minister is looking into introducing new legislation after the Oireachtas Joint Committee on Justice, Defence and Equality published a report advocating laws to make it an offence to purchase sexual services.

One victim of sex trafficking gives her story here (video) and here where she details kidnap, violence, rape and drug use by crime gangs operating across Europe.

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