Timeline of an Assembly vacancy, part two: the correspondence trail

Catching up on a few emails, I realised that I’d neglected to post the second part of a post started in early September about the timeline for co-opting a replacement MLA (Conall McDevitt) and the sequencing of the process between the Speaker, EONI and the political party (SDLP in this case).

While relatively mundane it does illustrate the various stages and worth putting into the public name to remind us of the process the next time an MLA needs to be replaced. The relevant process can be found in Article 6B of The Northern Ireland Assembly (Elections) (Amendment) Order 2009.

6B section 1 NI Assembly Elections Amendment Order 20096B section 2 NI Assembly Elections Amendment Order 20096B section 3 NI Assembly Elections Amendment Order 20096B section 6 7 NI Assembly Elections Amendment Order 2009

The Electoral Office of Northern Ireland released the correspondence in answer to my FOI.

We learn that email is a suitable medium when asked to “respond in writing”.

Back in September, while we pored over the process and the SDLP expedited need to name a successor to replace Conall McDevitt, no one corrected my mistake that party leader Alasdair McDonnell was the SDLP’s nominating officer: it’s SDLP General Secretary Gerry Cosgrove.

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