[Updating] BBC release transcript of Gerry Adams under close cross examination at the first of his brother’s trials…

Well, it is good to see the Beeb swinging into action on the Gerry Adams story. Last night they published the transcript of Gerry’s cross examination. I hope the Attorney General is considering this evidence as part of his review, since it contains some extraordinary passages in which Adams at one asserts for instance that he told Liam’s wife immediately after Liam had told him in Andersonstown, and then a few minutes later appears to retract that detail.

I’m still reading, and will add some bullet points here later. But for now I’m opening the thread for your comments…

– In relation to when, and where Mr Adams claims he informed Liam’s then second partner, under oath: “my initial response to your question was that it was in Andersonstown, but I concede that that may be erroneous…”

And then…

Q: And even now, as you sit there, have you no picture in your minds of the circumstances in which you say that happened?

A: Well I do have a sense that it happened in Belfast, and Bronagh’s parents lived in Belfast, and I may have arranged to see her in –

Q: I’m not asking you about a sense, Mr Adams. I’m asking you about a recollection.

A: I’m giving you a sense, with respect –

Q: But I’m not asking you for a sense. I’m asking you for a recollection – whether you have a recollection or whether you don’t?

A: A recollection about what place?

Q: A recollection about telling your brother’s partner about the allegations that your niece had made?

A: Yes, I do have a recollection of that. I’ve just explained it to you.

This is another extract in which Adams claims not to remember some significant dates, in particular this is three years after Liam’s alleged confession in 2003 to his brother than he’d abused his daughter:

MS McDERMOTT: If you look at number 10 yes, thank you. This is in 2003 at a presentation in Clonard Youth Club where your brother Liam was at that time working. That’s your brother Liam on the right, isn’t it?

A: That’s right, yes.

Q: And he is standing beside again, I say “again” just because he has been seen in another photograph, he is standing beside Mr McGuinness?

A: Yes he is, yes.

Q: Was Mr McGuinness the Deputy First Minister at that time?

A: I have no recollection of this photograph whatsoever.

Q: I am asking you about 2003?

A: Well I don’t recall, when was the power sharing arrangement set up?

Q: You might know Mr Adams.

A: Sorry.

Q: I said I thought you might know the answer to that.

A: Well, I don’t off the top of my head, I know it happened after we did the big meeting with Ian Paisley so whatever date that was. [Emphasis added]

And courtesy of Pete, here’s an odd but possibly telling episode…

JUDGE PHILPOTT: Now members of the jury you have your lunch and we will be back at 2.00.


THE WITNESS: Your Honour, I have documents here which aren’t mine.

JUDGE PHILPOTT: Just leave those there, they will remain, no one will touch them. They will remain there.

THE WITNESS: Okay. Am I free to go?

JUDGE PHILPOTT: Yes, you are free to go.

THE WITNESS: Thank you.


JUDGE PHILPOTT: Ms McDermott, I am not tying you in any way, it is just for my own point of view, do you think you will finish this today?

MS MCDERMOTT: Oh definitely.

JUDGE PHILPOTT: Thank you very much.



JUDGE PHILPOTT: Yes. Are we ready……..?

MR MURPHY: Yes I understand.

MS MCDERMOTT: Yes, Your Honour.

JUDGE PHILPOTT: Ms McDermott, there were photographs put in the dock. Were they taken out by anyone?

MS MCDERMOTT: The witness box, your Honour?

JUDGE MCDERMOTT: Yes. Did I say dock..?

MS MCDERMOTT: Well not to my knowledge. (SHORT PAUSE).

JUDGE PHILPOTT: The photographs don’t seem to be in the dock – or in the witness box.

MS MCDERMOTT: I remember the witness saying something, when he was leaving, about would he leave it there or something, but maybe…….

JUDGE PHILPOTT: I didn’t see him walking out with anything.

MS MCDERMOTT: Oh no, I’m not suggesting that he did. There are plenty of copies.

JUDGE PHILPOTT: That’s not what I’m concerned about Ms McDermott.


JUDGE PHILPOTT: They shouldn’t have been lifted.

MS MCDERMOTT: I don’t know where they went. I should say, your Honour, that I’d be applying to make those an Exhibit, D.2, D.1 is all that is in existence at the moment.

JUDGE PHILPOTT: Well you don’t need them in the witness box at the minute?

MS MCDERMOTT: I don’t need them; no.

JUDGE PHILPOTT: Right, that’s fine.

MS MCDERMOTT: Unless your Honour wants to ask the witness about them.

JUDGE PHILPOTT: I just want to confirm, you didn’t take these photographs out.

THE WITNESS: Yeah, I have them in my briefcase here.

JUDGE PHILPOTT: You have them?

THE WITNESS: Yeah, yeah.

JUDGE PHILPOTT: Well could you get them back?

THE WITNESS: I will surely, yes.


THE WITNESS: They are family photographs, some of them, but I will get them back; yeah.

JUDGE PHILPOTT: I think they would be better staying back.


MS MCDERMOTT: I think if they could be brought back now then.

JUDGE PHILPOTT: Would you bring them back.

THE WITNESS: Yeah, okay.

JUDGE PHILPOTT: I just want to do that. In fact, at least we know where they are.


JUDGE PHILPOTT: I was concerned that they were somewhere they shouldn’t have been. MS MCDERMOTT: Well they were.

JUDGE PHILPOTT: Well they were. But somewhere more.


JUDGE PHILPOTT: Just two minutes please and we’ll be with you. (SHORT DELAY).

JURY IN 14.05

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